2013 in Review

Happy almost 2014 everyone!

Here is a glimpse into the last year of my wonderful, beautiful, joy-filled life...


I thought about Feminism and Gender Equality. I wrote a letter to my Former Single Self.


Chuck and I attended Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. I shared how my 21st Birthday changed my life. I talked about my feelings of inadequacy as a blogger.


I quit my second job. I wrote a love letter to my Mom. We graduated from FPU. I thought about Why We Marry. My Mommy and I saw Gary Allan in concert.


I received my First Fix! My college besties and I attended IJM's 2013 Global Prayer Gathering. We welcomed a new nephew into the family. I shared my heart for adoption. Chuck and I celebrated our birthdays.


I said goodbye to a wonderful man. My baby sister graduated from college. Chuck and I paid a visit to the Heinz History Center and Primanti Bros.


I received my third and fourth fixes. We canoodled at a Pittsburgh Pirates game. I talked about not talking to God and Life with 5 Dads. We attended my cousin Chris' wedding in New Jersey.


Chuck and I celebrated an epic Fourth of July. I confessed my racism.


My Daddy landed himself in the hospital. I felt like blogging was stealing my joy. My hubby guest posted on our first married year.


I celebrated my first wedding anniversary. I spilled the beans about my new job. I provided a glimpse into our new home!


I went to counseling. I shared our gorgeous One Year photoshoot. We said goodbye to Pittsburgh. I broke in my sewing machine and celebrated Halloween as Curious George, alongside my Man in the Yellow Hat.


I committed to my first NaNoWriMo. I made a Baby Bucket List. I celebrated finding a job I love! I had my first excursions to Jungle Jim's International Market in Cincinnati and the Columbus Zoo. I celebrated Thanksgiving/Pre-Christmas with my family in Upstate New York.


I shared my vulnerabilities. We attended a birthday toga party. I talked about my beliefs regarding homosexuality in the Old Testament and New Testament. The husband and I celebrated three years together. We celebrated Christmas with the Stuckerts!

> > >

It's weird reflecting back on this past year because I didn't realize how shitty things were at some points. We had major financial troubles, a good friend of mine was killed and my Dad was in the hospital. And yet, it wasn't as hard as it should have been. Chuck hs proven over and over again what an amazingly supportive husband he is. I am so grateful to this man for loving me the way he does. He is truly my rock and I don't know what I would do without him.

If I had to pick a word for 2013 it would be...blessed. There were hard times and really, really great times. But through it all, I was so incredibly blessed.

Happy New Year, everyone.
Let's resolve to love more this year!


  1. Best year ever baby! It's only going to better, and then maybe a little worse, but then pretty good, and then crappy, and then really really awesome, and then better....the main thing is that we'll always be blessed no matter what ; ) I love you more than anything!

  2. sounds like a great year even with some of the bad stuff in there. hope that your 2014 is even better!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak