Thursday Thoughts: Feminism

I really don't know what direction this post is about to take. What I do know is, this is something that's been on my mind lately and something I want to admit: I am a feminist.

Before you tune me out and start picturing me picketing in my Birkenstocks, know that 1) Feminism is not a dirty word and 2) I am not a man-hater. 

The fact remains, I believe we live in a sexist society and I believe in equality for women.

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I think my feminist mindset has been brewing under the surface for some time. For instance, when a rude, older gentleman at my former place of employment prompted me to write this post. Or when a former professor posted this link that showed off the 'humorous' graphic tees marketed by Spencers with lines like, "When I want your opinion, I'll take my d**k out of your mouth," "Hey slut, let's f**k" and "Fetch me a beer b***h." Ugh, re-reading makes me physically ill.

The thing that bothers me perhaps more than anything, though, is that women are so often guilty of perpetuating this misogynistic mentality. Why are so many of us so ready to attach our worth to our physical appearance, our marital status or our ability to procreate?

Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to be a Mommy. But I refuse to assume 100% of the parental responsibility simply because of my gender. I believe parenting should be an equal partnership. Just as I believe women should expect equality in every other facet of their lives.

There's a lot more I could say on this and much more articulately, I'm sure. But, I'm curious-
Do you describe yourself as a feminist?


  1. I am not a feminist. However I am 100% FOR femininity. When we embrace our femininity that is where we find our strength and power.

    Yes, I'm for equality. And yes, those t-shirts are AWFUL! And yes, unequal pay is not fair at all. I'm all for those things. But I would never be labeled a feminist because I think feminists take it too far.

    I believe the true answer is in God... how he has designed men and how he has designed women. And we each embrace who God has made us to be and become ok with that we will find peace in our hearts.

    Not sure if I am making sense haha. Maybe I should just call myself a "femininist". Yeah, I totally just made that up. :)

  2. I agree!! When I call myself a feminist it does not I who hate men, want to oppress men, want special treatment, etc. It doesn't mean I want to be a man or not be a stay at home wife/mother etc or take that choice away from other women either. It simply means believing in the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. Being a feminist means you support feminism and doesn't have anything to do with being feminine. Which is why guys can be feminists too! :)

  3. I agree to an extent. i think some people have made it a "dirty" word, but it isn't if you really just love being a woman and embrace it and yourself. But I see just as many things negative geared towards men. Most girls I know are way more vulgar than the guys I know. People just need to take a middle ground. I like your idea of what being a feminist is to you, because that is what should matter. But I do think there are things men were built for and vice versa for women.

  4. I don't call myself a feminist, because I think the term has a completely different definition than what I mean. I think women and men are of equal value, but I agree with Laura that we are different. There are just certain things that I am better suited for, but it doesn't mean my husband is better or worse than me. (and that doesn't mean that I have to be a stay at home wife with 5 kids while he wins the bread, either, but it might mean that for some families, and that's great, too). I mostly think that women need to stop criticizing each other for the choices we make, whether that means working or not, having kids or not, etc.

  5. I do! I fought it for a long time. Not because I don't believe in feminism or because I don't want to, but because of the negative connotations ascribed to that word, as you alluded to. I don't understand how people can look at the facts, facts like while there are a great many women who work in the corporate world, often more experienced and/or more educated than their male peers, the vast majority of CEO's and such are men, and not recognize inequalities that still persist solely based on gender. The other part of it is that feminism isn't JUST about women. Feminists advocate the right of a father to take baby leave and to normalize the stay-at-home dad. Feminism is simply about equality. So stupid that this is still something we're fighting for.

  6. I had a huge write up on this ready to comment but I fear for my words getting taken out of context and miscontstured. It's such a touchy subject to talk about when you don't consider yourself a feminist. I feel like I will have my head bitten off and be turned into a women hating she devil 3 seconds after I press enter. I am all for equality, and I believe that feminism has done amazing things for not just women but society in general. I just feel like there are feminist groups that are moving in directions I don't support and while I am VERY for equal rights whether it be for gender, race, sexuality, height, eye color WHATEVER, I don't nessacarily refer to myself as a feminist.

  7. I definitely consider myself a feminist and I believe that the negative connotations against the actual word "feminist" can be attributed to our current culture. I've always found it interesting when women have feminist beliefs, but don't consider themselves a feminist because they don't like the connotations that come with it. The connotations that have been developed by a very male-dominated culture that emphasizes the value of gender. The study of feminist waves shows what women have had to fight for every single generation. The fact that people feel bad for their beliefs of equality is ridiculous. Feminism embraces so many aspects of being a woman and how that plays into our lifestyle and culture.

  8. I think the only reason that I'm hesitant to call myself a feminist is because I've been blasted repeatedly by women (who firmly describe themselves as feminists)for liking domestic, traditionally housewife-ly things, and for having the desire to 'waste' a college degree from a prestigious school by staying home with my babies.
    If everyone thought that feminism meant equal treatment and respect, and an equal right to chose individual happiness, I would claim that title in a heartbeat. It's just that in my experience, a lot of people have very different definitions of that word than I do, so I shy away from using it, you know?

  9. Sorry about the previous comment…

    Yes, I am a feminist because I believe in the equality of the sexes. I think the media has put a bad connotation with the word. So it's up to us to put a good and strong feminine meaning back into it. :)

    You should keep writing posts like this!
    Alisha and Brandon {the blog}