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What it Means to Raise Boys when You Have Daddy Issues

"I was always supposed to be a boy mom because I knew how important it was to bring kind, compassionate, and respectful gentleman into the world. I was always supposed to be a boy mom because my son would learn from the amazing example set by his stand-up father, that I never got to experience firsthand. I was always supposed to be a boy mom because that little boy was going to heal my heart and help to erase all the scars men before him had left behind. Sure enough, the instant that boy joined us earth-side, my heart grew more than I knew was possible. And every day since then, he has filled my life with love, joy, and laughter."
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On Motherhood (Working vs. SAHM) | A Vlog

Good morning...or evening? It's taken me awhile to get this vlog up (my video editing skills are subpar at best. Just wait, you'll see). I've had a lot on my mind regarding working motherhood versus stay-at-home motherhood and wanted to provide a little life update on how we've been making ends meet since I quit my job about six months ago. So, why not a vlog?!

On Working Motherhood vs Stay-at-Home Motherhood

As referenced in my vlog here are just a handful of my favorite "Mommy bloggers" who are kicking butt in life and in the blogosphere:



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The WIC Office on my 29th Birthday

I sat in the parking lot of Aldi reciting my name, contact information, and household income to the woman on the phone. Two impatient, squirmy boys sat strapped in car seats in the back of my small sedan as I tried to keep my voice steady. "Umm...when is your next available appointment? April 26? Yes, that's fine." I had just scheduled an appointment with the office for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) on the day of my 29th birthday. I forced back the hot tears that sprang to my eyes as my ever-insightful toddler would sense right away that Mommy was "sad," and tried to imagine a more depressing scenario than spending the morning of my birthday applying for government assistance.

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HOME TOUR | Dining Room

We will have owned our home for two years in August. Nearly two years we've lived here and I just painted for the first time. It took awhile because 1. We really couldn't justify the expense when we need to pay for things like you know, groceries, bills, and gas and 2. Because painting is kind of a commitment, and I was scared to commit. Well, thanks to Swagbucks, I earned a $25 Lowe's gift card, which took care of the expense part. The commitment part I got over because I was just plain tired of staring at boring, beige walls all throughout our house.

I neglected to take any quality "before" pictures to compare, but here are a couple just to give you an idea of what I started with:

When trying to decide on a color, Chuck and I were stuck between Valspar Brisk Olive and Brush Meadow. The olive color was pretty and I felt like it was the "trendier" color of the two. The meadow color was a little bit lighter, and felt more garden/springy. I posted to my Instagram stories to get a second opinion and every single person that responded chose the olive color.

We started second-guessing our decision, because we had been leaning more toward the Brush Meadow. In the end, we stuck with our gut (after confirmation from my sister) and went with the latter color. We're so happy we did! Our dining room gets such beautiful natural light and we worried about going too dark and ruining the aesthetic of the room. In the end, the meadow color plays off the natural, earthy vibe we're both drawn to and looks beautiful in the morning sunshine.

Our gallery wall is a mishmash of old frames that I had laying around or that I got at the dollar store. The "S" I scored for $3 from Ohio Thrift and the woven bowl was a souvenir from my semester abroad in Uganda. The large framed print is from Keepsake. If you need a portrait framed, I cannot recommend them enough. I went on their website, uploaded the picture I wanted, cropped it to my liking and then picked my favorite frame. It was literally the easiest process ever, and a few days later it arrived at my doorstep perfectly packaged and ready to hang! I genuinely can't say enough good things about this website and I fully intend on using them in the future.

There are still a few more outstanding to-do's before I consider this room done. I really dislike the cold, harsh-looking chandelier so I want to eventually replace it with something warmer, and more earthy like this. I'd also like to hang a coffee mug rack next to our coffee station and we're also going to be hanging a crazy heavy mirror on the bare wall to the left of Charlie's easel. It seriously weighs more than me, so we're getting some professional help so we don't risk being crushed to death.

One of my 30 Before 30 goals was to finish decorating an entire room in our house and I'm so glad I'm nearly there!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary framed photo from Keepsake in exchange for my honest review.