We're Taking the #SaferSwimmerPledge!

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This past week has been sunny, 80's and gorgeous in Ohio and gah- it feels so good. It feels like we have EARNED this summer after the past year! Summer has always been my favorite season and I'm so incredibly excited to spend the next few months creating memories with my boys. Saturday morning walks to our farmers' market, a road trip to Walt Disney World, and too many poolside days to count!

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial unveiling of just about every American pool and unofficial kickoff to summer. With that in mind, Goldfish Swim School is encouraging parents and kids alike to take the #SaferSwimmerPledge to bring greater awareness to water safety and drowning prevention!

So, what is the #SaferSwimmerPledge?

The Safer Swimmer Pledge

  1. Whether I'm at home, the beach or pool, I will play it cool and follow the rules.
  2. When it comes to swimming, water safety is key, that's why I will always have an adult with me.
  3. When I'm around water or on a boat, I can wear a life jacket to help me float.
  4. No matter how deep the water may be, I'll jump in with my feet.
  5. If I see a swimmer in need, I'll throw them something to float, and then I'll go and get an adult. 
Throughout the month of May, Goldfish-Dayton is encouraging families to take the pledge and have those conversations about water safety. Drowning remains the number one cause of unintentional injury-related death among children ages 1 to 4, and the risks are even steeper due to the pandemic. With children out of swimming lessons, the odds are high- but armed with the right knowledge and precautions, these statistics are preventable! 

If you're a parent of young children, keep in mind these water safety tips as you spend your lazy, hazy days of summer by the ocean, lake, or pool:
  1. Enroll in swim lessons- Swim lessons can dramatically reduce the changes of a drowning incident as muscle memory helps kids know what to do in a water emergency.
  2. Never swim alone- Teach your children the importance of the buddy system.
  3. Wear a U.S. Coast Guard-Approved life jacket- Before purchasing any flotation device, look for the Coast Guard approval and ensure the right fit so there's no risk of your child slipping out. Life jackets are especially important in lakes and oceans where water conditions can be more unpredictable.
  4. Designate a "Water Guardian"- Adults can work in shifts to ensure that there is always a set of eyes on the pool while children are at play. Even if a lifeguard is on duty, having a vigilant, distraction-free adult is imperative.
  5. Play it cool and follow the rules- The same way that we teach our kids not to play near traffic, we need to be having those same conversations and water safety and following the pool rules.

So why should you take the pledge? Not only are you teaching your kiddo(s) the five water safety must-knows and spreading awareness to prevent childhood drowning, but you also have the opportunity to win a YEAR of free swim lessons from Goldfish Swim School! Each pledge will also receive an exclusive Safer Swimmer Promo Code for 25% off your next Speedo purchase and earns a $1 donation to the USA Swimming Foundation, providing access to swim lessons to children across North America!

I know childhood drowning is not something that any parent wants to think about, but it does happen. Are you ready to commit to the #SaferSwimmerPledge? Sign up through the end of May to keep your kiddos safe in the water this summer!

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