My First Fix!

*Okay folks, know that before I begin, I have in no way been compensated for this post. I'm just freaking in love with this service. The end.*

Confession: I hate shopping. I really and truly do. I hate trying clothes on and feeling like crap about my body under the harsh industrial lighting. I hate having a minor panic attack every time I reach for my wallet. And mostly, I hate being completely overwhelmed in a sea of overpriced outfits that all look exactly the same. The mall is just plain sensory overload.

I keep seeing various bloggers raving about Stitch Fix. I figured it probably wouldn't fall under the Dave Ramsey budgeting plan, but the idea of having clothes picked out for me and sent to my house was just too good to pass up. So I signed up, filled out my style profile, was put on the waiting list, and a week or two later, I was in.

Friday, I got my first "fix." And let me tell you- it. was. glorious.

I loved every single piece I received, and if money were not an issue, I seriously would have kept them all.

They even enclosed a pre-addressed/stamped envelope to return everything you don't want!

So which item did I choose?

 As I said, I wish I could have bought them all (and if I had, I would have received their 25% discount!) but I'm sooo happy with the decision I made. This dress is so comfy, good for dressing up or down and was just plain me to a T! My personal stylist did an awesome job picking clothes that were perfect for me.

Just had to share because Stitch Fix has made me a loyal follower. If you want to sign up for their service, please CLICK HERE to use my referral link!


  1. That's pretty cool! I am not a fan of shopping either. I hate the mall & normally go to stores outside of the mall. Even then, shopping for clothes is no fun! Would rather shop for gifts or something (& that's if i have money to spend!). LOVE what they picked for you & what you chose to keep!

  2. SO cute! This Stich Fix deal gets more tempting everyday! PS. Do you have a bloglovin account? I'm slowly converting all of my blogs to that and need to add yours dear?

  3. You are so freaking adorable and that dress looks amazing! I've been reading so much about StitchFix and I love the idea (even though I'm 100% addicted to shopping). HA! I wish I had more money or else I'd sign up FOR SURE! Love seeing this post! XO

  4. You sound like my Mom as far as hating shopping. I can't imagine the thought of wanting to leave the shopping to someone else! That's the best part! I could imagine something like this working for my Mom....but then again, I'm happy to be her personal shopper. :P

  5. You rock that top friend! It looks awesome on you!