Thursday Thoughts: Adoption

I could make this a really short post simply by telling you that this face is the reason I want to adopt.

My heart practically bursts every time I look at this picture. Isaac was four when I stayed with he and his family for two weeks during my semester in Uganda. I taught him how to play Patty Cake. And in turn, he stole my heart.

Before Isaac, I genuinely never thought I would have kids. I wasn't comfortable around them, I sure as hell didn't feel maternal and I never pictured myself married. But after about 30 minutes with Isaac, I was in love. 

I knew from that point on that firstly, I wanted to one day be a Mommy. But secondly, I wanted to be an adoptive Mommy.

Now that Chuck and I have been married for a little while my baby fever is off the charts. He tells me how he can't wait to see me with a pregnant belly and I pepper him with questions and hypotheticals about international adoption. 

I started out just reading blogs about women who were going through or had already documented their experiences with adoption. Then, a couple weeks ago I checked out The Complete Book of International Adoption to get a better grasp on the logistical side of adoption (both international and domestic). To be honest, the process sounds like a total pain in the ass. But a totally worthwhile pain in the ass.

Then tonight, I finally finished Kisses from Katie, a book I've had on my to-read list from the time I initially heard about Katie's story. I can't even put into words how incredible this book is and I don't want to give out any spoilers, but if I wasn't convicted before, I certainly am now.

At one point, Katie writes, "How do I tell a child I love her when she doesn't know love? How do I expect her to trust me when all she has ever known is broken trust? I prove it." And it hit me while reading that: I know there are children who are starving. I know there are children who lack basic clothing, shelter, education and access to medical care. But I hadn't even considered that there are children in this world who do not know love.

And for some reason, that hurt me even more than the idea of a child dying of malnutrition. The idea of a child dying (or living) without ever feeling loved sickens me. 

This is why Chuck and I feel called to adopt. We don't know when, we don't know how, but we certainly know why. Because apart from giving a child who may not have otherwise have a safe and healthy home a roof over their head. We want to give a child who may not otherwise know love a lifetime of abundant, overflowing, radiant, unconditional love.

Book images courtesy of GoodReads.com


  1. Love this! It's awesome. :) I know God will lead you on this journey - i think His heart is for adoption too! And i love the pics of you & Isaac! So sweet!

  2. One of the biggest goals in my life is to adopt a child. This post really spoke to me. I'm literally crying on my couch because it pains me to know many children do no know love.

  3. I have wanted to adopted since I was a teen; I spent a summer in Kenya and we visited an orphanage. I would have taken every child home if I could have!! Can't WAIT to adopt!!

  4. That is so true! The thought of a child going without love is SO heartbreaking to me! *hugs* & prayers!

  5. I have always wanted to adopt. I have three cousins adopted from South Korea and I was able to watch the process and as a teenager, I had a better grasp of it all. I just pray to God that he will lead us in that direction or really any direction when it's the right time for us to have kids.

  6. I love this! Kisses from Katie is an awesome book that I'm always recommending. My husband and I also want to adopt. It came out of nowhere really. A couple of years ago, God just gave me a heart for adoption. I've been reading books and blogs to try and learn all that I can in preparation.

  7. amen <3
    we sponsor a child in mozambique and that is such a joy. i wish we could so more.
    someday we will.

  8. You said this all so well. My husband and I have always wanted to adopt and recently we started praying about it more. It has always been a question of "when" for us. I don't know that it will be soon, but I do know that it will happen eventually. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog (found this post from your About page). :)