Stitch Fix: Round Four

I'd started to lose hope that my StitchFix stylists were ever going to "get me." My first fix was me to a "T" and I hadn't been as excited about one since then...until this month! I specifically requested more Boho-ish style pieces and more dresses since that's primarily what I wear. Here's what I got:


I felt like this dress was a little more "preppy" than I would usually go for, but I was willing to give it a go. As it turned out, it fit perfectly and was an ideal office outfit for me. I paired it with a baggy, white cardigan and a pair of white Toms, but I picture it looking best with a black blazer and flats.


This dress was super cute and so comfy! I strutted my stuff with a pair of black pumps and it looked like a perfect ensemble to wear to work or on a date night. The downside? No boobies to fill it out.


I knew from the get-go there was no way this would fit me, but for the sake of being a good sport I slipped on my favorite pair of skinnies and my white Toms (I wear them with everything; don't judge).


Not much to say about this one...wasn't a fan.
On a side note, I really need to invest in a better camera. 


I loved this crocheted sweater! I felt like I should be wearing bellbottoms and jamming out to some Janis Joplin while I was wearing it. There really wasn't a bad thing about it...except the price :/

>  >  >

So which did I choose?!

I'm so glad I gave this dress a second chance- it was one of the less expensive options (which is always my primary selling point) and was a fantastic pick for summer days at the office.

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  1. I tried stitch fix for the first time last month. I didn't like it at all! out of my five items I liked 2 things, but I could never stomach spending that much on an article of clothing! I ended up keeping the necklace because I didn't want to lose my $20. What do you think? Should I try again or just stick to Target?

  2. that white crochet sweater is darling, such a shame it was $$$! I liked the white top with the green embroidery too, if only it had fit. you made a smart choice with the dress you got, you'll def get a lot of wear out of it!