Blog of the Month: Rage Against the Minivan

Another new blog find. Another amazing woman. Another amazing writer.
This month's Blog of the Month legitimately blew me away. She is such an honest, real and authentic person. She's a hella educated, adoptive Mama and she's got so much to say.


As someone interested in international adoption and who envisions a transracial family of her own some day, Kristen's blog has been a wealth of information for me. I admit I've held onto romantic notions of adopting beautiful Ugandan babies and neglected to acknowledge the realities of adoption-related issues. Kristen's post about if/when to communicate with teachers about these issues was so full of honesty and perspective. I was so impressed when she completely wore her heart on her sleeve and revealed the difficulties her sons had adjusting to life together.

But Kristen's blog is so much more than just adoption issues. Every week she hosts the series, "What I Want You to Know" with topics ranging from foster care to date rape


Kristen's blog is well-written, informative and completely addicting. Check her out, you will not regret it.

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