For Mommy

I know every person thinks that their mom is the bee's knees. That they're the most perfect person who ever lived. That they're the greatest person in the world. Well, I'm hear to tell you, my Mom is not without flaw. And she's probably not the most fantastic person in the history of the world.

But she's the most fantastic mom in my world.

Oh, and she's most definitely the bee's knees.

I'm being a good daughter and posting this goofy picture because my Mommy looks adorable.

I'll be honest, I've viewed my Mom through multiple sets of eyes. Through the eyes of a jealous toddler with a new baby sister. Through the eyes of a child getting picked on at school. Through the eyes of an egocentric teenager with a heart full of pain and anger at the world. And today, through the eyes of a humble newlywed who is starting to figure out just how much my mother sacrificed for me.

Through the 24 years I've been alive, I've witnessed my Mom being an absolutely adorable brand spankin' new Mama. I've witnessed her as a full-time worker, Girl Scout leader and domestic goddess. I've witnessed her stay with a man she didn't love for years just to make her daughters happy. I've witnessed her role as a broke-as-sh*t, single mom/divorcee. I've witnessed her stand up to a man who tried to push us all around. I've witnessed her as the supportive, loving Mother of the Bride.

I am certain that there are tons of contenders out there for the Mom-of-the-Year award. But in my world, my Mommy wins it hands down, every year.

My mother exemplifies a solid work ethic, an adventurous spirit and being a woman of God.

Every ounce of strength, independence and compassion I contain, is not of my nature. It is learned from years of watching my mother be not the strongest woman I know, but the strongest person I know.

Happy Birthday, Mommy.

I love and appreciate you more than you'll ever know.


  1. Awww, this almost made me tear up. You and your mom are both very lucky to have each other. She sounds amazing! Love your wedding dress, by the way!

  2. Aww...so sweet :) And your mom looks fantastic!! (and you too of course, you looked stunning on your wedding day).

  3. soo sweet. Your mom sounds very special, I love that you are seeing her a bit differently now that you are married! Funny how are perspectives change, right?

  4. Happy birthday to your Mom of the Year! With a tribute like that, I say you are a contender for daughter of the year.