Six Months as Mrs.

This past weekend- Chuck and I celebrated our 6-month wedding anniversary. And with this milestone, I of course want to document what I've learned thus far and where I'm at six months in.

Date night!


We had a little bit of a scary incident this weekend that I'm choosing not to divulge. But suffice it to say that Hubby and I were a little shaken up. This incident really caused me to examine the lengths I'm willing to go for my husband and how stinkin' lost I'd be without him. It's an incredibly overwhelming feeling to realize that your identity is so wrapped up in the existence of another soul. 


I'm learning what this means. There's a lot of pressure in the first newlywed year to kind of set the tone for the rest of the relationship. Setting rules, boundaries. But knowing when to forgive and let the little things go. I'm trying to do both, and some days it's a struggle, but I feel as though all the effort is going to be foundational in our marriage.

growing in love

I can't recall the context, but I remember reading not too long ago that your wedding day is the least you will ever love your husband in the entirety of your marriage. Truer words have never been spoken. Every day, the love I have for my husband grows exponentially and I'm completely confident that tomorrow morning when I wake up, I'll love my husband even more than I do as I type these words.

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  1. Aww this post is so sweet! Happy 6Birthday month anniversary!

  2. you guys are so sweet. and i won't lie, hearing your story gives me hope that i can't give up on love just yet.

  3. Congrats!! We just celebrated our 6 month anniversary too!

  4. Happy 6 month anniversary! I love reading your blog, Kaity (though I have to tell you, the "scary thing" made my heart skip a beat!). We pray for all of our family every day - so glad God's able to be everywhere all of the time! I remember our 6 mo. anniversary (39 yrs ago!) and I remember our 4 mo. too! And I remember realizing that based on the love that grows at such ramp speed, 2/16/74 really was the LEAST love I felt for Lor, based on the next 39 yrs! It just keeps growing. So happy for you and Chuck. We miss you so much, but I'm so glad that you two have had time to yourselves to set a solid foundation.

  5. Yay for six months! It is so true that your wedding day is the day you love your husband the least! As crazy as I was about mine when we got married, I couldn't have imagined it was possible to love someone as much as I love him NOW! We figure that by the time we're like seventy, we'll just pretty much be incapacitated by love!

  6. This is sweet. Yea for 6 months! I love that you are learning about forigveness and sacrafice. Things like that may not be the most glamourous aspects of marriage but they seem to be some of the most important!