Sunday Blessings

In like a lion alright, but March is here and I'll take it! Happy first Sunday of March, everyone! Can we please celebrate that Spring is almost here? I know I am. And I'm taking this happy moment to do some counting of blessings...

(Bee)autiful Blessings

I finished Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace book, and although I have a feeling Dave and I probably did not vote for the same candidate in November, I feel like I've gained so much from his teachings. I had no idea about insurance, college savings plans and mortgages until reading this book. Those topics aren't exactly an exciting area for me, but Dave really helped me to understand them. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, any age. Check it out here.
I've also started reading Bob Goff's book, Love Does, which I talked about here. So excited to love more!

I love music. And I love that I married someone who loves music just as much as I do (if not more). As I write he's simultaneously listening to Neil Young on his laptop while practicing "Blackbird" on his guitar. He's a keeper.

and speaking of my husband...
We've been married for six months. Six. Heck yes. Stay tuned for more on this tomorrow :)

For the first time in almost two years of living in Pittsburgh, we're finally doing it. We're taking the plunge and going to Church. Wish us luck!

I've been feeling such a wide array of emotions lately. Unsettled and yearning. Content and in love. Exhausted and burnt out. Happy and blessed. I'm finding the only way to stay centered and level-headed is prayer. Prayer for myself, prayer for my husband, prayer for people I've never even met. It's only when I'm in those moments with my Creator that I'm finally at peace. And I'm so, so thankful for that.

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How have you been blessed this week?
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  1. I'm so glad you read Dave Ramsey's financial peace book! I've never read it but I am a huge fan of the principles. I was finance major in school so few things set my heart to thumping like saving money and living within my means haha :)

  2. Aww congrats on 6 months!! That's so exciting :)
    I'm so happy that spring is almost here. Well, at least within the next few weeks for sure!

    Happy Sunday, Kaity!
    Alisha and Brandon {the blog}

  3. Dave Ramsey is awesome! He's kinda funny too - i first heard of him when i was a nanny, and he had a radio show that they were always listening to!

    Love church! Around the time we got married, we got annoyed/tired of some church things & started looking for another church home. We couldn't find anything, got sick of looking, and stopped going altogether. That was really nice for awhile - just enjoying Sunday mornings in quiet, sipping our coffee. But then i started MISSING church. The church family. Having that kind of community. People who love you & pray for you & support you (of course there area always people with issues that do the opposite! But they're anywhere!). So we finally found our church home & I am SO GLAD! We've been there almost a year now & just love it. God is good! :)