Love Does

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that Chuck and I had our first date night in months yesterday night. With the intention to finally use a Christmas gift card we received to a local Italian place, we wound up skipping out on a 20-minute wait and made googly eyes at each other over lukewarm sandwiches and steaming soup at Panera Bread. 

The highlight of our evening, however, was our attendance at our first ever Pub Club here in Pittsburgh. Pub Club is a social gathering for young adults in the area who join together to have a few brews, listen to phenomenal speakers and make new friends. February's speaker was the best-selling author of Love Does, Bob Goff.


Prior to learning about Pub Club, I had never heard of Bob Goff, but the very little research I did on him beforehand was enough to make Hubby and I want to hear what he had to say.

Let me tell you folks, this is a man who loves Jesus.

Not a Christian. Not a religious nut. But a man who truly radiates the love of Christ.

His words had everyone in the room laughing deep down in our bellies, at times opening up the floodgates, but ultimately left us profoundly moved and convicted to love.

In the midst of deciding whether or not to continue on with my second job and taking baby steps toward our eventual move back to Chuck's Ohio hometown, his question, "Are you doing what you're able to do, or what you're made to do?" left me unable to continue to deny the cold, hard facts that have been staring me in the face for some time.

Do I love what I'm doing? Am I loving others as I should be? Am I doing what I'm made to do?


Bob Goff's example of being genuinely amazed at life, at being available for people (to the extent that he put his personal cell phone number in the back of his book and answers every call he receives), but mostly quitting the stuff he "sucks" at and pursuing the things he loves have left me inspired.

Inspired, but afraid.

Convicted, but discouraged.

But as Bob said, throughout Scripture the Lord tells His children repeatedly-- BE NOT AFRAID.

 I don't know when I became such a scaredy-cat. But I'm ready to quit. 

I want to be on fire for the Lord and demonstrate radical and extravagant love starting with my family and my friends, but extending to my enemies.

I want to finally accept that love does not have to come in big, bold, earth-shattering gestures, but in the smallest acts of kindness.

Currently, however, the number one task on my list is to do what I need to do to love my own life. For it is only after I learn what I'm made to do and learn how to be truly and unequivocally happy that I can share that same joy with those around me.

So with Bob's resounding message in mind, and the counsel of Dave Ramsey as he continues to guide my financial decisions, I am ready to take charge of my life.

Life is too short to be unhappy and unfulfilled-- things are going to change around here!

This is not at all relevant.
Just french toast-making on Sunday afternoon with the BIGGEST source of happiness in my life :)


  1. That sounds like a wonderful talk. Someone I'd definitely try and go see if he ever came in my town! When you described him as:

    "Let me tell you folks, this is a man who loves Jesus.

    Not a Christian. Not a religious nut. But a man who truly radiates the love of Christ."

    It reminded me of a book I just finished on Christianity. It's called Kissing Fish. Not for everyone, more progressive, but that focused on the love of Christ. I was truly inspired by it.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed yourselves! :) Dates are important.

  2. This post is super inspiring!! I should read his book!

  3. Kaity,
    1) I absolutely adore your writing style. It is so genuine and from the heart. I can just hear your voice in the words...not in a creepy way though, that would be weird. I love that you are so unabashedly yourself in your writing.
    2) My favorite line in this post, " For it is only after I learn what I'm made to do and learn how to be truly and unequivocally happy that I can share that same joy with those around me," is something I am working on right now. I am learning that being happy is not selfish, nor does it need to come at the expense of helping others. In fact, once I have turned inward to examine and work to achieve my dreams, it will become easier to care for others.
    3) I am excited about your new life changes!
    4) I want to read this guy's stuff
    5) I miss you mucho (I miss Chuck too)
    6) I didn't have a sixth one, but you know how I am about odd numbers.
    Love you!