Blog of the Month: The Wiegands

Last month, I posted my inaugural "Blog of the Month," choosing Kelle from Enjoying the Small Things. Well, as fate would have it, another month has come and gone and although I'm a tad bit late in the game I have some more Blogger love to give.

So without further ado, here is my...


I'll be honest, I tend to be a bit skeptical of "bigger" bloggers. Maybe it's the jealousy I talked about in this post. Or maybe it's just a desire to shy away from giving them any more fame than they already have. Regardless, I tend to be a much tougher critic for blogs with a ton of followers.

All of the above was true when I was led to Casey at The Wiegands. But within minutes, I became acutely aware of why this gorgeous (inside and out) lady has developed such a following. It was a little bit because of her art and whimsical, bohemian fashion sense. A little bit because her obvious evangelical faith. A little bit because of her picturesque family of five. But a lotta bit because this girl can write.

Her get-to-know-me post for new readers was so refreshingly down-to-earth, I developed an instant friend crush on her. I wanted to be invited into her home, drink warm tea and "ooh" and "ah" over her lovely, tow-headed mini-mes. 
And then the other day, as I nonchalantly moseyed on over to her post entitled "love & loss" I was completely blind-sided by the pain and beauty of her heartbreak. Like nearly 1 in 3 women, Casey has experienced the agony of losing her unborn child. I don't know how she so artfully and honestly wrote out her story, but her closing words read, 
"I am walking into the gates of heaven. 
My family is there, smiling, rejoicing. 
Chris and Aiden and Ainsleigh and Apple are all there. They run to me- there is hugging and crying. 
Jesus is there, smiling and welcoming me. 
And then. There is a tall boy. 18 years old, sandy blonde hair. big blue eyes. 
As soon as we make eye contact he breaks into a gigantic smile and runs to me, "Mom!!!!" 
I cry every time I picture it. 
And I think about how thankful that I am, that I will get the chance to know him one day."

How do you read that and not sob?

I am so thankful for women like Casey who are able to wear their heart on their sleeve. Who are able to see the silver linings and count their blessings. I am so thankful to Casey for sharing this with me.


Please do yourself a favor and check out Casey's blog. I can guarantee you, you will fall just as in love with her writing as I have.


  1. Hi Kaity!! I so love your blog! It has just the right balance of honest, funny, smart/witty, and "I don't give a crap"ness that's so refreshing :)! So I follow it w/pride! Also, I, like you, hold "bigger" blogs up to a (much) higher standard.. It's funny that you talk about the Wiegands here b/c I actually stopped following her blog this week precisely b/c she was TOO real. I mean I'm not against the occasional overshare, and I hate it when some bloggers try too hard to seem perfect BUT her life is SO different from mine, that w/every post, I almost felt like I was peeking inside the house of a stranger I really didn't care that much to know about, you know? I just couldn't ID w/anything she had to say and I couldn't take it anymore.. But hey, I really like that we can all enjoy different things! It's what makes us awesome.. PS-Sorry this was a tad long :); I love to write, after all!

    Anyways, thanks for your blog and you're always welcome to stop by mine!

    Annie (The Ranting Latina)

  2. Casey is a great blogger and has a true heart of gold. She's strong with an awesome spirit and genuine personality. Great feature for blog of the month!

    Alisha and Brandon {the blog}

  3. Friend-crush is a good way to put it. I would say I felt that way the first time I found your blog.