Sunday Blessings is BACK!

Rise and shine bloggy friends. It's a wonderful Sunday morning and I'm bringing Sunday Blessings back! If you missed my post yesterday, I'm going to have a lot more time to devote to this space in the days and weeks to come and I'm ready to regain my blogging stride. 

I haven't always been a counter of blessings. I think living in impoverished Uganda, as well as a need to remain aware of silver linings to keep that pesky negativity at bay led me to begin the practice. What better way to be actively thankful for God's grace than to document those little things every Sunday?

(Bee)autiful Blessings

Freedom, sweet freedom. It's bittersweet to leave my part-time job, but I'm really looking forward to not being a sleepy, crankasaurus 99% of the time. I think Chuck is too ;)

blog friends
Seriously, you guys. Your responses to this post may have made me tear up a little. I was so humbled by the kindness and encouragement I received. You like me, you really like me. To receive such validation for being myself was beyond amazing.

This Lenten Instagram campaign by the United Methodist Church has been such a fun way to truly take notice of my blessings. It's also given me an engaging opportunity to document my everyday life. I may live an ordinary life, but I have been extraordinarily blessed.

Okay, so it hasn't exactly gotten here yet, but as February comes to a close, I know it's on it's way! I can not even describe how ready I am to be out and about in the sunshine again. I need some exercise, some nature time with my Creator and some Vitamin D, stat!

Lugging cases of soda and bags of kitty litter at the second job was starting to make me feel like Quasimodo. With Monday off, I made an appointment with a nearby chiropractor to see if I could get myself sorted out. I'll be honest, the office was not the most professional-looking place I've ever seen...nor did I feel like any miracles has been performed to readjust my spine. However, I did have x-rays taken and got to learn all about my messed up back. Apparently, I fell hard on my butt at some point in my life and was all out of wack!

It goes without saying that my BFF/lovah is my biggest blessing. He's my sunshine through the dreary winter :)

How have you been blessed this week?
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  1. Soooo since you no longer have that second job maybe we could find some time for the Panera date?! :) I do have to run to Cranberry sometime in the near future anyways.

  2. counting blessings is what i do when i'm having one of those pity party days. it really puts things into perspective. love this!

  3. Eep! A big ol' Amen! This has been some seriously yuck winter blues for me and blaring the praise music while listing things to be thankful for has been a huge game changer for me as well. Great post Kaity! :)

  4. I love this!! Sometimes we need to be reminded to be thankful for even the smallest of blessings. :)