14 Months as Mrs.

I really pondered whether or not I would continue to do these bi-monthly updates after our first newlywed year. It would seem a little silly to have a “144 Months as Mrs.” Post. But on the other hand, I genuinely love documenting my journey being married to Chuck and the things I continue to learn along the way. It’s amazing just how much we've grown as individuals and as a couple over the last year.


Boy, oh boy do we have babies on the brain lately. And for once, it's not just me! We know the timing still isn't right so we're holding out a while longer until we're more settled in our jobs and a little more financially secure. I just keep trying to remind myself of the permanency of parenthood- this is not a decision we should enter into lightly.

Seriously, how cute does this man look with a baby?!


I never know how much is too much information to share when it comes to this topic. But I'm not one to pretend like it doesn't happen. C'mon, we're married- it's allowed! I'll just say this: I have a theory that sex is like wine. It only improves with time. ;)


We went for a walk the other night and I told Chuck that I feel like we're exiting the new-and-exciting part of married life and just settling in to life together. I once read somewhere that it takes three years to truly know someone. Next month is our three-year mark, and I think I'd have to agree with that. We still have some things to learn about each other, but I've gotten to a place where I can really anticipate how Chuck is going to act in a given situation, and he can usually anticipate my reaction to the same situation. Knowing that about each other creates a lot less room for conflict. 


I wouldn't describe Chuck as a feminist. But the fact remains, we have a truly egalitarian relationship- which I give a lot of credit to Chuck's parents' example. I do more cooking (which isn't saying much- I rarely cook), but Chuck is the one to usually do the laundry. He does more dishes, I do more vacuuming. We pay our bills together. Chuck has always said there is no "tit for tat" in our relationship. We don't keep score and we contribute as we're able. Can I tell you what a relief it is to live like that?! Because if I'm being honest, if there was any score-keeping- Chuck would absolutely kick my ass.

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  1. Haha! I know... i never write about sex, but i mean, we're married!! LOL. You crack me up. I agree, it does get better with time!

    Y'all are too cute!!

  2. Totally gets better with time!