Eight Months as Mrs.

Although it's getting harder and harder to do these bi-monthly updates (I mean, how many ways are there to say "I'm obnoxiously in love with my husband"?), I keep this blog going for the simple fact that this is my diary. I want to be able to look back and remember every smile, every hard time and every thought and feeling in between.

So this is what I'm thinking and feeling about being a married lady for eight months.


For some reason, this month has been harder to write about than my posts at Four Months and Six Months. I think it's because the bright, shiny newness of being recently married is starting to wear off and I've just grown comfortable in our life together.

hard but good

We were looking back on pictures in our old apartment when we were just a newly engaged couple. In hindsight- life was easier then. As a full-time student, I was home a lot. I kept the house relatively clean and was cooking all the time. We looked back on those moments with a bit of nostalgia, but the truth remains that I am so happy where we are. Student loan debt is kicking our ass, but we're putting up a tough fight and we're doing it together. And at the risk of sounding superbly corny, I feel like when our powers combine, there's nothing we can't do. Kind of like Captain Planet. That's right, our marriage is like Captain Planet.


unconditional love

As is common with most married couples, Chuck and I have packed on some post-marital pounds. We're getting back into the swing of things- eating healthier and making more of an effort to stay active. We both are being the best supporters we can be in our efforts to lose the weight, but the truth of the matter is, if Chuck ever ballooned to 300 lbs, I would love him just the same. I married Chuck because he's Chuck and I love him for that.

Taken the night of our engagement- scrawny young hooligans.

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  1. This is such a sweet post, happy marital bliss. I know how you feel, I love Husband so much it freaks us both out sometimes! =)