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Beeautiful Blessings
This month's pick for my Blog of the Month is Shannon at dinglefest. I've been a follower of Shannon's for literally about a week, and in that week I've been blown away by her blog. My previous BOTM picks have been fairly larger blogs, but this month my selection is someone with less of a following who deserves much more attention!

As anyone who's followed me for some time may know, I am in love with the idea of adoption. I have always felt a strong pull to answer God's calling to care for the widows and orphans. And obviously, given my relationship with Uganda, would love to one day adopt a beautiful Ugandan baby. While this is not an option for us any time soon, I'm determined to learn all I can about international adoption in the mean time. 

Enter Shannon.

I found her blog through a Christian adoption link-up and within the span of a few hours learned so much about the adoption experience. I learned what to expect as far as adoption expenses are concerned. I learned how to get creative with the logistics of a much larger family. I learned about the potential issues with "artificial twinning.' I learned about what it means to invest in an HIV+ adoption.

Basically, Shannon is a wealth of knowledge. I love her unfailing honesty, her love for her family, and her passion for her Ugandan adoption. She is such an inspiring woman and someone who I will continue to utilize as a resource as my dream of adopting draws steadily closer.

I would encourage you to pay a visit to Shanon's blog and if you feel so led, support her in raising funds for her three-sibling adoption below:

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