Today is my dear, sweet Crosby's second birthday. Hitting birthday milestones with a second born is such a different experience than with a firstborn. With Charlie, each new milestone ushered in excitement and anticipation for all the new things I'd get to experience as a Mom of an older child. With Crosby, it feels more melancholy. These little baby stages just seem so much more fleeting, and as much as I look forward to discovering more and more about this little one, I'm not ready to say goodbye to him being my baby!

It is hard to begin to articulate my feelings about Crosby Loren. He is just perfection. Everyone who spends any length of time with him instantly falls in love. He is purity and goodness personified. Although a couple weeks ago, he decided to prematurely enter into his "terrible twos" and has gotten a little more combative with his older brother, he is still just such a sweetheart.

As a new Mom, it sounds cliche to say and I heard it so often before, but children really are their own little people. My boys are both absolutely precious, but they are so fundamentally different too. While Charlie is the stereotypical independent older sibling, Crosby fits the youngest profile to a "t." He has never been in a huge rush to grow up and will probably be content being the baby of the family forever. He is much more dependent and physically affectionate. He wants to be held 24/7, and every single time he wraps his little arms around me and rests his head on my shoulder, I melt inside. 

He is nearly a carbon copy of his Daddy- sweet, affectionate, and with a natural rhythm and ear for music. He is also a full-fledged Mama's boy. As he hits his second birthday, he is becoming more active- though not nearly as fast-paced and energetic his big brother! He could spent hours contentedly playing outside. He has a terrible fear of dogs, but adores kitties. 

He definitely has a stubborn streak. We find ourselves having to be intentional about disciplining both boys equally as we have a tendency to chalk up his naughtiness to his being a baby. Which, let's face it, will not be the case for much longer. He loves to cozy up on our laps at bedtime with his binky and read books (something his bookworm Mama adores, since bedtime with Charlie is rarely a calm ordeal!). He loves to dance, be tickled, and does his best to keep up when we engage in a good ol' family game of "chase." 

He rarely lets me capture his cuteness on camera, so my attempts at a two-year birthday photoshoot were not successful. Instead, Chuck and I managed to capture a few candid shots of some general silliness. We bought the boys each a Peanuts Halloween shirt when we stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast after our anniversary getaway in Louisville. Crosby wanted to wear all the shirts and we delighted in his big cheesy grin. I hope he's always this easy to entertain.

I adore watching him and Charlie grow closer. They are typical brothers and can drive me up a wall with their whining and teasing. But they also have the capacity to be so stinking tender with each other and it makes my Mama heart burst with pride.

I am just so utterly thankful for his presence in our family and cannot imagine our lives without his sweet, sunshiney disposition.

Crosby Loren, you are so adored and your Daddy and I will love you for the rest of our days. Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet boy!!

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