On Your 1st Birthday

Dear Crosby,

I have to be honest with you for a second and tell you how difficult this letter has been for me to write. It's been sitting in my drafts for weeks and every time I think, "I really need to write my birthday letter to Crosby," words fail me. I just can't seem to locate the words that will accurately sum up you and the blessing you are to your Daddy, brother, and me. How do you convey pure goodness personified? Because that's what you are, Crosby. Pure goodness.

I hate to inject a letter that should be filled with nothing but rainbows and butterflies, with something negative. But once again, I hope that one day when you're old enough to read and understand these words, that you know I have always been and will always be honest with you, first and foremost.

Crosby, you entered the the world during a dark time. You were born into a country that was divided, and angry, and filled with hurt, hate, and meanness. It scares me in many ways that your Daddy and I are the ones responsible for protecting you from those very things. However, I hope you know that in the midst of this darkness, you were our light. Every time I have been tempted to lose faith in humanity, or to succumb to the notion that people are only selfish and self-serving, I have held you in my arms and been instantly proven wrong. You are nothing but goodness, sweetness, joy, light and love. You are my daily reminder of the good in people and the good in the world.

My hope for you is that this becomes your superpower. My hope for myself as your Mama is that I may be able to continue to nurture this superpower. My hope is that one day, you will be fully confident that who you are- as a sweet, kind, joyful, and good man- is exactly what this world needs. You are going to do great and wonderful things. You are going to change the world through your miraculous ability to shine light into every room you enter; to put a smile on the face of every person you encounter.

Happy birthday, sweet boy. I am already so proud of you and my heart is overcome that I'm the lucky one who gets to you hold your hand through your journey.

All my love forever,

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