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We've been taking swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School-Dayton for about a year now, so when it came time to start planning Crosby's second birthday party, it honestly wasn't even a question. Chuck has a big family and our house just isn't big enough to give all the cousins enough room to run around and play. Last year, we were able to host his party at the local park, but with how rainy this summer has been, I really didn't want to take the chance. I'm glad I didn't because it rained all day long on the day of the party!

We'd had a stressful, hectic few weeks leading up to Crosby's birthday. Usually, I am the Mom who starts planning months in advance- I love birthdays and holidays. However, I simply didn't have the time to figure out all the small details to make his party special. Thankfully, Goldfish saved the day! Their dedicated party coordinator called me the week of his party and asked me about decor, flavors of cupcakes, etc. They coordinated everything!

I settled on a Moana theme (because obviously, we were at a pool, it seemed silly not to!), I cooked up a few little Moana-themed dishes for the adults- Te Fiti's Green Goddess Salad, Pineapple Skewers, and Maui's Hawaiian Meatballs. Then I picked up some balloons from Party City on our way there. And that was literally all I did.

When we got there, tables and chairs were all set up, cupcakes and juice boxes were laid out and Moana was playing on their TV in the waiting area. All of Crosby's friends and family members slowly trickled in and after a brief safety talk, we headed to the pool. We had the entire thing to ourselves and everyone had a blast!

I had multiple people tell me what a fun party it was and how cool it was that we got to rent out the entire pool just for our little group of loved ones.

We love Goldfish because it's teaching our kids life-saving, practical skills. But we also love it because it's just so much stinkin' fun and every single person that works there is amazing with our kiddos. I can't rave on them enough. If you have a fall/winter baby and are planning ahead to their birthday party this year Goldfish Swim School is such a good spot for an indoor party!

I'm so tickled we got to celebrate our dearheart with such a fun day. Happy 2nd birthday, sweet Crosby!

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