Our First Home: Three Year Homeiversary

It's still surreal to me that Chuck and I are homeowners. I've mentioned it before, but I genuinely thought I was always going to be a renter. Not because I didn't want a home to call my own, but because I simply feared that my mountain of student loan debt would prevent us from being able to get a mortgage. Thankfully that wasn't the case, but it didn't stop me from having a near panic attack while we signed all our paperwork. I felt sure they were going to run my credit report and tell me at our closing, "Oops, there's been a mistake. You can't afford to own a home!"

It's been three years of crumb-covered floors and imagined home renovation projects that have yet to come to fruition. Although my house may not be decorated the way it is in my dreams, I love it even more than they day we bought it. Our home fits us so well. I felt it was ours the moment we first walked through with our realtor and I still believe it to be true. The Stuckerts and this little white 1940's home were meant to be.

Circa August 2015

But wanting to make your home a beautiful place, and also parenting two little Tasmanian devils do not always go hand-in-hand. Which is why the endless list of house goals I’ve drafted in my mind and on this little blog are still just goals. However, it is posts like this one, marking the three-year anniversary of the day we became homeowners that encourage me that we are, in fact, making this house a home.

This was the year when I put the finishing touches on our living room. Our house was truly a blank slate when we purchased it newly renovated from our realtor. Living in an entirely beige house was killing me. As my rainbow-themed wedding exemplifies, I love color. I want every room of my home to be bursting with color and personality. So the fact that it took me two and a half years to actually make my living room a place I wanted to be, was driving me nuts. Thankfully, my living room in its current state, is absolute perfection. It is bursting with color, just like I hoped, and is filled with little sentimental mementos from our family, immediate and extended.

I had hoped to have our master bedroom completed before the three-year mark, but it’s just not there yet. My boys spent a couple days with their grandparents in NY this month which meant that I was finally able to paint (hooray!), but I still don’t have all the frames and d├ęcor I need to finish it off. (Stay tuned for that!) Prior to completing the living room, I also managed to create a pretty cozy nursery/guest room for Crosby a year ago, as well as our dining room at the beginning of 2017.

These are reminders that while houses can be renovated and designed in the course of a couple weeks or months, homes take a lifetime to cultivate. I love our home more today than the day we bought it three years ago and I cannot wait to see how much homier it will be next year.

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