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This month marks two years since we bought our house. Two years ago, I couldn't imagine we would get pregnant much sooner than we planned. Two years ago, I never would have imagined that I would quit my full-time job to stay home with my kids. And yet here we are, two years later- Our home is low on cash, full of love, and a constant work in progress.

A few months ago, I finally painted our dining room. We're a family who loves food so we spend a lot of time in this room and it was time to give it some personality.

Although, I've had plans for two years to transform our awkward fourth bedroom/attic into an actual livable space, or convert our semi-finished basement area into a playroom for the boys, both projects require some money. Since money is not something we have growing on trees in our backyard, I've chosen to focus my attention on house projects that are actually doable.

We had always planned to have the boys share a room. But after four months of terrible sleep for all involved, I resigned myself to the fact that our boys would do better in their own spaces. We moved Crosby's crib and dresser upstairs into the boring, beige spare room that functioned as a guest room and we've been (mostly) sleeping ever since.

We knew we eventually wanted to transition Crosby into that room, but we thought it would be a year or two down the road. So I had made zero design/decor plans. But now that he's officially settled, he deserves a cheery space that's just his.

Crosby's Navy, Elephant-Themed Nursery

The room isn't perfect- I'd like new window treatments and some more decor on the walls. Most everything I already owned. But I am proud of what I was able to accomplish spending next to nothing.

Total, I probably spent about $20-25 on paint and painting supplies and then I spent $25 total on new bedding from Aldi and Ohio Thrift. That's right- a brand new comforter from Aldi's bonus aisle for $15- is it any wonder I love that place?!

Paint- Sherwin-Williams Commodore / c/o Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa
Wooden "S"- Ohio Thrift / Krylon Navy Blue spray paint
Navy blue striped comforter- Aldi
Navy sheet set- Ohio Thrift / Red sheet set- Gifted from my sister
Nightstand- Pre-owned / Krylon Banner Red spray paint
Red elephant tapestry- Gifted from my sister
White crate shelf- Gifted from a friend / c/o Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa
Grey and white rocking chair- Target
Jenny Lind 3-in-1 crib- Target
Mudhut Xavier crib bedding- Target 
TARVA dresser/changing table- IKEA / Sherwin-Williams Banner Red paint

And just for fun, here's a "before" shot:

Two rooms down, six-ish more to go!

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