Wedding Recap: Ceremony

As you may recall, from my video and rehearsal day posts, our ceremony did not turn out how we had envisioned. With Hurricane Isaac threatening to drench all our guests, we made the last-minute call to have our ceremony in the garage of the farm. While it was not ideal, I got to say my vows in front of 30 of my closest family and friends. It was the quaint ceremony I had wanted from the start, and it was a huge blessing in disguise!

My bridesmaids and flower girls entering.

I was so blessed to have my Mommy walk me down the aisle.

Reciting our vows with our Pastor.

And with a prayer, and a kiss we were pronounced Chuck & Kaity Stuckert!

Photo credit: Dani Byrd

Stay tuned for all our formal pictures- and if you missed it, catch up on our reception, HERE!


  1. You looked SOOO beautiful!! I just love love love the bridesmaid dresses and the pop of color on yours - so unique!:)

  2. I love all the dresses! Gorgeous!


    Seriously! AMAZING! What a creative wedding you had, love it love it!!!!

    love Katie

  4. Wow your posts are so amazing and this one really inspires me!

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  5. Beautiful pictures!! Where do you live? Not being a stalker, i live in Louisiana so was surprised when you said "b/c of hurricane isaac". Hope everything was okay for y'all! You look so pretty! :)

  6. It was a delightful wedding and I learned so much about my wonderful new daughter-in-law & her ability to remain composed in ever-changing situations. The greatest lesson I learned was that: a wedding is about the bride and groom and should be exactly what THEY want. Had I listened and gone with that from the beginning, we would not have been making last minute changes. My husband asked, "How many more chances to we have at normal?" I told him we were running out (3 down, 2 to go), but hopefully each one will get better as I learn to go with the flow!

  7. I don't know how I've never seen your wedding post before, but I'm so happy I found it! I'm in LOVE with your wedding!!! It's just the type of day I want for myself someday. :)