12 Months as Mommy

If you missed it, my baby boy turned ONE! ONE!!! I no longer have a sweet snuggly baby boy. But a sweet, snuggly, little monster of a toddler!

One of my good friends at work, recently came back from maternity leave and although my heart broke for her having to leave her baby girl, I was so happy to have her back. I love sharing how our babies are growing, talking about poop (because what Mom doesn't love that?!) and just generally bragging on our sweet bundles of joy. 

Breastfeeding is GREAT! Mostly because, I'm no longer pumping!!! Woohooo!!! Seriously, in case you were not aware of my excitement over never having to pump for my Charlie again, please note- I AM ELATED! Charlie had trouble stomaching whole milk when we began the transition and was throwing up a lot, so after a call to his pediatrician we switched to 2% milk and it's been smooth sailing ever since. He's not drinking a ton of milk throughout the day, but is more than making up for it by gobbling up every bite-sized morsel of solid food he can get his little hands on. (This includes non-foods, as well. I caught him trying to eat a dime the other day and nearly had a heart attack). Aside from that, we're nursing first thing in the morning and before bed. I wish this is they way I could have breastfed him his entire first year. It's wonderful!

The only downside to this nursing pattern is that it's still preventing my cycle from coming back (TMI, I know), which in and of itself is not a bad thing. But Chuck and I have been talking about trying for Baby Pep 2.0 in the near future, so biologically, it does present a bit of a problem. I'm not worrying too much about it, because I don't want to abruptly throw off Charlie's routine. We're just going to take it day by day and see what happens.

Up until I put on a solid 5 lbs of pure holiday goodness, I was actually starting to get a bit skinnier. Chasing after a newly mobile little tot is fabulous cardio.

As for Charlie...

He's not walking yet, but is well on his way. He can stand without any support for a few seconds before plopping down on his cute little bum. He did, however, figure out how to crawl up onto our downstairs sofa which is quite handy when he's trying to get a handful of whatever Mommy is eating or get his little hands on one of the TV remotes.

Our little monster also has himself some teeth! His two bottom ones have been slowly coming in for about a month or so, but one top tooth has just started coming in within the last few weeks. He looks so stinkin' goofy, like a little hillbilly, that every time he smiles, I can't help but laugh.

As I mentioned earlier, he is all about the solid food and will eat just about anything put in front of him. He's done really well with pasta, french toast, birthday cake, and surprisingly, loved Mama's chili! The only thing he's still not excited about is eggs and the different brand of baby food pouches we tried to give him. We're sticking with Earth's Best and the Kroger Simple Truth brand and he can suck down 2-3 pouches in one sitting!

Charlie got to spend a a whole lot of time with family this month. His Grandma and Aunt Kelly came into town to stay for Christmas, he got to spend a day with his Aunt Annen, Uncle Rob and cousins one day when we had a babysitting emergency, and of course, he spent most of his days with his cousin Lucie and Aunt Ashlee. He also spent quite a bit a time with Ashlee's family who are essentially his adoptive Nana and Papaw. This little boy is so blessed, he gets to have three pairs of grandparents!

Charlie's 12-month appointment was yesterday and the nurse measured his height at 28 inches and his weight at 15 lbs 9 oz. It's hard to believe he's still so petite, but he is gaining, so that's a good thing!

Because this kid is so tall and skinny, his clothing his completely across the board. He's still wearing Size 3 diapers and I usually have him in 12-month onesies and jammies, but pants are a crap shoot. He has some 6-9 month jeans and sweats that he sometimes wears, but most of the time, I have him in 12-month girls' leggings. His jackets and hoodies are also still 6-9 mos.

> > >

It sounds so cliche, but this year has gone so quickly- I can't believe my baby isn't a baby anymore! At the same time, it truly feels like Charlie has always been a part of our family- he was just a missing piece to our puzzle! I can't imagine our life without him, he is 100% joy incarnate.

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