1 Month as Mommy

Back in the day, I used to post bi-monthly marriage updates titled as "_ Months as Mrs." Hard to believe that my posts about learning how to better love my husband have since evolved into a place where I can document my journey in becoming a Mom.

As of January 26, my little one is one month old. The fact that I have a son, let alone one who's been around for 30+ days is still totally and completely unreal to me. I know most bloggers commemorate these baby milestones by talking solely about their wee one, but because this is my blog and I'm a little bit self-involved I wanted to talk more about my milestones as Mommy.

I always swore I could never be a stay-at-home Mom. I have this need to believe that the work I do is somehow positively impacting the world and making a difference and my current job allows me to do  just that. It truly is my dream job and there's definitely a part of me that misses it, but I totally get the SAHM thing now. My house is clean, our freezer (and bellies) are full of homemade yumminess and spending my days providing for my sweet, sweet baby are so much more fulfilling than I could have anticipated. Unfortunately, with my amount of debt, staying at home with Charlie will never be an option for me, but I can totally see why so many women before me have given up successful, lucrative careers to "just be a Mom." Being home with my baby is so stinking rewarding.

Another thing about motherhood that totally surprised me. I had read so many blog posts written by bloggers who had babies who refused to latch and/or who struggled with mastitis and sore/cracked nipples while I was pregnant that I prepared myself for the worst. From that very first latch shortly after Charlie was born, he was a pro. As our favorite nurse said, I've got "a good setup" for breastfeeding (i.e. the Godzilla nips mentioned here) and it's been going really well. The physical part aside, though, there is this totally emotional part of breastfeeding that I was completely unprepared for. It has allowed me so much time to bond with my son and it's just a gosh darn good feeling.

Apparently I have them after all- who woulda thunk? I'm still hopelessly awkward and uncomfortable with other people's kids and I don't think that will ever change. But everything that everyone told me before having Charlie was correct- it really is different when it's your own. I can sense when he's tired or overstimulated. And I can't help but get a little clingy when others want to hold him. I have to remind myself to chill out and silence the little voice in my head that screams, "that's my baby!" Clearly, I have issues.

POSTPARTUM RECOVERY (Skip this part if you don't want to know the gory details!)
The first two weeks were kind of hell. I briefly mentioned my recovery in my Pregnancy Truths last week, but it's been a rough road. I know that I'm fortunate that unlike a lot of Mamas I didn't have to get a bunch of stitches. I did, however, get a hematoma (ruptured blood vessel) and some killer hemorrhoids from pushing my little man out. I spent the first weeks hopped up on vicodin, unable to sit on my bottom and in a whole heck of a lot of pain. However, by Week 3, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I can finally feel myself returning to normal. I can't wait to get the go-ahead to get back into working out. I've legitimately missed running!

I was also fortunate to only put on about 22-23 pounds over the course of my pregnancy so I lost virtually all my pregnancy weight after delivering Charlie. That being said, my body does not look anything like it did pre-pregnancy. I have this pooch that, try as I might, is virtually impossible to cover up. Also, I don't know why or how, but somehow through the magic of pregnancy, I lost what little waist I had, so my torso looks like a rectangle rather than an hourglass. I'm hoping running will help with this, but if it doesn't, I had a baby and I have a husband who still finds me as attractive as ever, so I'm going to embrace my new Mommy body.

As for Charlie...

That pretty much sums up Charlie's first month as a newborn. I have to admit, I'm looking forward to the days when he can actually do things. It seems like if he's not sleeping or eating, he's crying. And as much as I love this little booger, the baby crying is awful. That being said, there are a couple little things I've been able to pick up on: like the fact that Charlie is an awesome bath-taker. We've been closing the bathroom door so it gets all nice and toasty in there and he sits in his little tub, as happy as a clam. I've also noticed that he's been great about following sounds. I was making a Pop-Tart the other morning and as I started the timer, I watched Charlie's eyes follow the direction of the *tick, tick, tick* of our toaster oven. He also loves his Vitamin D supplements. Since he's not getting any direct sunlight and Vitamin D isn't transferred through breast milk, we have to give him a little squirt with an eye dropper every day and he makes the funniest faces when he tastes the cough syrupy-flavor.

As of Charlie's 1-month appointment, he's up to 7 lbs, 12 oz and 21 inches. This leaves him in the 5th percentile for height and weight, but because he was such a peanut when he was born and his growth is still on track, his doctor isn't concerned. He is, however, in the 25th percentile for his big ol' 37 inch noggin. As my Mom said, "the poor kid is never going to be able to find a hat that fits!" Both Chuck and I knew to expect a big-headed, ginger baby with our genes, so that's no surprise! He's still in NB-sized diapers and clothes, but we'll probably make the 0-3 month leap this month.

That's Month One in a nutshell. 

Happy 1 Month, Baby Pep.
You have made your Mommy and Daddy so indescribably happy.

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  1. This made me happy! Yay for big-headed ginger babies and breastfeeding success and all of it! Except the hemorrhoids. Boo to hemorrhoids, in fact.

  2. I love your honesty in these posts!! And I can relate to wanting my kids to DO something. Although I totally love the cuddliness of the first few months, I'm not a fan of the crying, especially since it stresses my husband out. But come 6-9 months and then age one....oh my goodness! I love age one! One year olds make me want more babies........

  3. He's still not as big as you were when you were born.

  4. He's so beautiful! I love reading your milestones. I think it's a great twist on the baby update. I love hearing pregnancy and childbirth stories to help prep me for one day, in the future.

  5. It's so crazy how quickly they change...before you know it he will be sitting up! Ah! Sounds like you are doing great Mama and apparently I've got "a good set up" too. Thank you Jesus. :)