Pregnancy Truths: Postpartum Edition

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Postpartum Truth #1
Your boobs will leak. So much.
I have been blessed with a baby who has breastfed like a champ since Day One, but there is honestly no way I could have prepared for the journey my boobs were about to take in breastfeeding. The day after we returned home from the hospital my milk came in and holy engorgement. I did not plan well and only had a couple breast pads on hand, so my boobs were super swollen and uncomfortable and I was leaking over everything. Thankfully, I was only engorged for about 24 hours, but I have since upped my supply of breast pads because as soon as I hear that baby cry, the floodgates open!

Postpartum Truth #2
You will be completely humiliated humbled by what your partner will do for you.
If I tried to count the ways in which Chuck has gone above and beyond the husband call of duty, I don't know that I would ever finish. After I gave birth, Chuck saw me at my most vulnerable. You know you married a good one when he helps you change your huge, granny pads in the hospital because you're in too much pain to do it yourself.

Postpartum Truth #3
You might have trouble enjoying your first days with baby.
On Day 2 of being home with my boys, I broke down in a hormone-fueled cry because I honestly was not enjoying my first days as Mommy. It seemed like everyone else got to enjoy the cute, fun parts of my baby and I got shafted. I was engorged, couldn't sit on my bottom and was up all night feeding my crying baby. It was tough, but it didn't last long. As I'm continuing to recover and Charlie and I continue to bond, every day with him is more of a blessing than the last.

Postpartum Truth #4
You will forget the pain of labor faster than you think.
It's been just about 4 weeks and I feel like I could totally do it all again. Granted, the recovery has been rough and it's taken me awhile to be able to stand for more than 30 minutes before my lady parts start throbbing and demanding that I lay down. The pain of childbirth was just about as bad as everyone says it is, however, I did it and I know now what my body can do and I feel like a warrior woman who can take on anything!

Postpartum Truth #5
You will be brought to tears by the mere thought of pooping.
Ugh, going #2 is not fun. I pop stool softeners and drink Metamucil on the regular (Apparently, after birth the change in your hormones = constipation. Who knew?), but when you're swollen and bruised down there, it's tough. 

Postpartum Truth #6
You will become a Mommy cliche.
I hate to say it because I am acknowledging that I am in fact, a huge cliche, but despite how un-fun postpartum recovery may be, it really isn't so bad when you get to spend your days gazing into the beautiful eyes of your little human. Baby snuggles 100% trump sore lady bits!

I mean, really. How can you resist this face?!


  1. Exactly! There is something so empowering about knowing you have birthed a human. If you can do that, you can do ANYTHING, is what it feels like!

  2. Listen, just get a subscription to breast pads from Target. You can pick how often you want them to send them, and then you don't have to worry about it lol.

    I didn't even have a vaginal birth and the first two times I went #2 were cry-worthy. I can't even imagine having all that additional healing down there and going through it!

    I am so excited for you! New mommys unite!

  3. I feel you!! Especially on #1 and #5......

  4. OH lord now I am scared for my baby to come. But thank you for sharing the truth.