8 Months as Mommy

Eight months and I am starting to see my baby turning into a little person! I have to admit, since I've never been a kid person, there's a part of me that's nervous for Charlie to become a full-blown child. I don't particularly like and am not even remotely comfortable being around other people's kids, so I worry that I won't love the toddler/school-aged phases as much as I adore Charlie's baby stage. But then, I think about how I don't love Charlie because he's a baby. I love him because he's my Charlie and I have to believe that that kind of love will transcend age. Regardless, I'm the kind of person with my head always in the clouds, and always thinking about the future. Right now, my present is being a Mommy to the most mild-mannered, sweet eight month old around!

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I won't say for the umpteenth time that I feel like I've settled into a rhythm. Not because I haven't, but because every time I write that for the world to see, something happens that causes me to want to curl up in the fetal position, never return to work again and spend all day snuggling my baby. Dramatic much? I had the naive notion that one day, it would just magically become easier to spend the majority of my week away from Charlie. But it hasn't. It is still just as hard to kiss those sweet cheeks goodbye in the morning, I think I am just becoming more realistic about the fact that this is my truth. I am a working mama, whether I like it or not, and that can't and won't change any time soon.

Eight months and going strong! Though "strong" might be an overstatement, because this category is definitely not perfect. Charlie is such a curious and observant little guy, which in and of itself is wonderful. But when it comes time to feed him before bedtime, we spend probably 25% of our time actually nursing, and the other 75% looking in every other direction but the one where my boob is, and calling out for Daddy. He is obsessed with Chuck and twists his whole body around when Chuck leaves the room to see where he went. If it wasn't so precious, it'd be kind of annoying. Patience is not my strong suit...

Ugh. Our gym membership is still being royally wasted. I get to work from home for a half day every Monday, so I make sure to try and go for a walk with Charlie in the afternoons- sometimes to the playground, sometimes to visit his Papaw, or just downtown. It's so much fun to spend that time with him, and it is quite honestly, the only exercise I'm getting these days. I really do want that to change- I miss being in shape. I am hoping now that the summer is drawing to a close and Chuck will no longer be playing live music every week, I will have a bit more flexibility in being able to visit the gym after work. Wish me luck!

As for Charlie...

He's sooo close to crawling. He is at the point where he gets on his knees and rocks back and forth, but thankfully, no crawling yet. Our new house has a staircase in the living room that will definitely be needing a baby gate soon! He is also laughing so much more which is easily the best sound in the world. The other day Chuck and I were on the floor with him reading one of his books. There was a picture of a fish making a "bloop" noise and every time Chuck said "Bloop goes the fish," Charlie cracked up. As soon as he started laughing, Chuck and I couldn't stop laughing at him and by the fifteenth, "Bloop goes the fish," we were in tears because his laughter is the most wonderful, infectious thing ever. Seriously, it is impossible not to smile when you hear baby giggles!

Solid foods are still a challenge. He's pretty much figured out the eating thing by now, but that doesn't mean he makes it easy on us. His favorite purees seem to be anything with sweet potatoes or carrots, but he's eaten nearly everything we've put in front of him. Charlie also had his first real people food this month! So far, I've given him a boiled egg, french toast and regular toast. He mostly just played with his egg, but he's gotten better with his toast. It's just so nerve wracking to watch him eat because he gags and chokes the entire time. He hasn't really eaten much yet, but he's certainly practicing!

As I mentioned, Charlie is completely obsessed with his Daddy. He lights up whenever he sees him and will sometimes downright refuse to nurse at night and just calls out for his Dada. He continues to spend his days with his Aunt Ashlee (who we affectionately refer to as, Aunt Mommy) and his cousin Lucie. Lucie is now going on seven months and is totally schooling him when it comes to eating. I'm hoping he can learn a thing or two from her! Charlie frequently gets to visit his Papaw and loves playing with his cane. He also got to see his Grandma and Grandpa when they stayed for a night on their return trip from the 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcyle Rally in South Dakota.

Charlie hasn't been weighed since his 6-month appointment, but I'm guessing he weighs probably all of 15 lbs right now. I'll be honest, sometimes I do still worry that he's not getting enough to eat, but we feed him as much as we can and he's still so stinkin' tiny! Where he lacks in weight, he makes up for in height. Although, none of his pants fit him around the waist, I have him in 6-9 and 9-month clothes, as well as Size 3 diapers.

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It's been another month for the books! Every month just gets more and more fun with this baby boy of ours. Happy Eight Months, Charlie. I can't wait to create even more memories in your new house!


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