The Beans Have Been Spilled!

At long last, I can stop with the cryptic "I'm so busy" introductory sentence and say the words out loud (err, write them out loud?)- as of about 4:30 pm, August 26, 2015, Chuck and I can officially say, we are...


If you were thinking there was a bun in this oven, I apologize for the disappointment. But guys- we own a house! That's a big deal!

My mind is currently fixated on packing, buying about a thousand curtain panels and rods and moving all of our stuff into our bright, shiny new place! Oh, and also, our dishwasher. Guys, we have lived the last three years without a dishwasher. Do you even know how it feels to once again have a sink free of dirty dishes?! If you think I'm overstating my excitement, please see this photo that I insisted on taking when we finally got the keys to our home:

And because I am nosy and love looking at pictures of other people's homes, here are a few pictures from the realtor:

There are four bedrooms (well, technically three, because one of the upstairs rooms doesn't have a window. Weird) and a partially finished basement. And did I mention...a dishwasher?!

When we started house hunting we really debated what to buy. There are very few new homes in our area and leaving Chuck's hometown wasn't an option for us, so we had to decide if we wanted to buy a big, older home that needed some work or a smaller home that was move-in ready. I quickly realized that 1. Neither Chuck or I are handy and 2. I cannot live in a state of half-finished chaos. I'm in love with our quaint little house- it really does feel perfect for us and I cannot wait to create a lifetime of memories in it with my two favorite guys.

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