Top Five in 2013

I saw Nadine and Helene post their Top 10 most popular posts of 2013 and obviously wanted to hop on that bandwagon. Unfortunately, because I'm technologically-challenged, I have no idea how to actually see my top 10 most popular posts. Instead, you get my top five favorite posts I've written in 2013. Enjoy!

How My 21st Birthday Changed My Life- February 12

My twenty-first birthday was a little atypical. There was no alcohol or nightclubs. But it was perhaps the most profound day of my life, and up until this year, I had never really talked about it.

Thursday Thoughts: Adoption- April 11

Adoption has always been something that weighs on my heart. I honestly never thought I would marry and had a life plan that I would adopt my first African baby by the time I was thirty. All of this was before I met Chuck of course, but my desire to adopt has not changed.

For Frankie- May 6

This year I lost a really good friend. It's been over 6 months since he was killed and it still doesn't seem real to me.

On (Not) Talking to God- June 19

This post kind of sums up my specific brand of spirituality. I don't consider myself to be a "religious" person. I do, however, have a strong faith in my Redeemer and in this post I talk about our relationship.

My Name is Kaity, and I'm a Racist- July 19

This was not an easy post to write, but an even harder post to publish. No one wants to admit the ugly things they know about themselves, but if we ever hope to improve and grow, we have to first acknowledge our brokenness. This post was me doing just that.

> > >

All of these posts lacked beautifully photographed pictures. None of them were even me oohing and ahhing over my adorable husband. But they were posts that were written from deep within. They exposed me and challenged me. I'm so grateful to have this forum for writing those kinds of posts, and even more blessed to have the wonderful reception and support from so many of you.

So, thank you, and have a blessed 2014!

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