Three Years

Yet another classy shot of our Toga Party shenanigans.
Last week, Chuck and I "celebrated" three years together. Of course, by celebrated, I mean we watched Pocahontas in bed and fell asleep before 8:30 PM. Please don't envy our crazy life.

It's so frustrating writing about love. Everything sounds so cliche. But everything that is cliche is true!

Chuck is my best friend.

He is the wipe-awayer of my tears.

The giver of the world's best bear hugs.

He pushes me to be more outgoing.

And refuses to let me leave in the morning without kissing me goodbye.

There was a small, cynical part of me that assumed one day I would just grow tired of being around this big goofball all the time. Three years later, I can confidently say that if anything, I only miss being away from him more.

He is a wonderful husband and I truly do fall more in love with him each day.

Thank you for three of the happiest years of my life, Chuck. You are my everything.


  1. that's really sweet! honestly, i have the same fear about falling out of love with someone. because as much as i one day want to get married and stay married to that person, i'm terrified it won't work or we will fall out of love or something. but i don't think it's guarenteed to happen like i fear

  2. Aw! Happy anniversary! Y'all are so cute together & i am so glad you are happy together!! I feel the same way... the cliche's are true!! :)