Being Young and in Love

I've been totally spacing on posting lately because things haven't quite settled down from the holidays yet. Mostly because the love of my life is here. As in, in the same state, in the same town and under the same roof as me. While I'm sure it won't take long before I'm thinking things like, "Oh my gosh! Is it time for him to go to work yet?!", in the mean time, I'm on Cloud 9. Distance was a bitch. 

For the first time, I feel like we're starting a life together; like the fact that we live together legitimizes us as a couple. We cook together, clean together, workout together...in actuality, there is very little time spent apart. We're both on a serious love high right now. It's a rough life being young and in love. Although it has been nothing short of wonderful falling asleep in the arms of the man I'm going to marry, I am looking forward to becoming more comfortable and accustomed to life together. If for no other reason than my blogging and schoolwork are pitifully crying, "Hey Kaity! Pay attention to us!"

So although this post is a far cry from a well-thought out and soul-probing response to the world around me, please accept it for the time being. I promise regular and inspired words are on the way, but if they are a tad bit delayed, just blame this guy:

New Years 2011

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