Thank You, Sherry

I'm sitting in my living room on the couch watching the snow fall outside and thinking about someone special. It seems so...poetic. However, this someone special is not the usual someone special that I've devoted so much time to writing about. It's my someone special's mom; my future Mother-in-Law.

Let me preface this by saying, for all you who ladies who don't have ideal relationships with your MIL's, I'm so sorry for you. Because the woman I get to call my Mom in 8 months is nothing short of amazing. She is one of the most kind, loving and Godly woman I've known and her spirit is absolutely contagious. I've known her for about a year now and she has opened up her home and her heart to me like no one else has. 

She has provided a cozy bed to curl up in when I want to visit, probably a few too many glasses of wine when I need some girl time and is ever-so-sneakily turning me more and more carnivorous as time goes on. Chuck and I had only been dating for a couple months on my 23rd birthday when she and her husband blessed me with a salon appointment and sang me "Happy Birthday" at the family Easter dinner. She is probably my blog's biggest supporter, praising my writing to everyone who enters the "Mancave" while I sit embarrassed. She and my Dad-to-be have blessed both Chuck and I financially numerous times when we really needed it and I am so incredibly humbled by her continued generosity.

But more than anything, she raised some terrific kids. One, in particular, who I am quite fond of. Chuck is the epitome of chivalrous. I have watched him mirror his father's actions when he opens the car door for me and provide me a jacket when my reptile-like cold blood gets the best of me. He respects and admires me. He supports and believes in me. He has no discomfort with femininity and he's understanding when I have those charming emotional breakdowns of mine. He is 100% a product of his wonderful upbringing and I cannot begin to thank Sherry (and Loren!) enough for creating the man I will be blessed to call my husband.

Love you Sherry!


  1. Very sweet! I am one of the lucky ones, my MIL is a great lady. What a sweet tribute post!
    Stop by my little blog anytime.


  2. Kaity The Best - I named you that a year ago after our first meeting & I meant it. This Christmas you brought the best out in our family & especially all of the Stuckert Women - those who my sons have chosen and the one that was born in the midst of 4 brothers; we love them all (I should start a blog about our family members - they all bring such greatness in very different ways). LOL
    You know - some people are just so easy to bless. You & Chuck both always see the good in every situation or person, including me - even when it's not there (just sayin' - really, you saw that too!). You two mirror one of my favorite poems about a friend, "one to whom one may pour out the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that gentle hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.” (George Eliot)
    Thank you for seeing my heart, especially during the hair-raising, non-stop, multiple-plates-in-the-air Christmas celebrations at 187! What a gift that this was your "take-away" from the last couple of weeks! You had Loren and me in tears because we try so hard to be examples at work,family & in our community. To see someone 'get it' just made our day. I can honestly say that ALL of the Stuckerts consider you family already; 8 mos from now will be the formality of what we are enjoying now.
    Much Love & appreciation,
    Mama Stuckert