Sunday Blessings IV

I'm not going to lie. This week has not been an easy one. The distance between Chuck and I has really taken a toll on me. I went for two days, ignoring his phone calls because I got to the point where if I had to have one more conversation over the phone I was going to have a conniption. Probably not logical to most people, but it made sense at the time.

So despite the drama, despite the stress and despite the crummy weather, I will continue to thank God for all the silver linings. There are far worse things I could be complaining about and I'm so humbled that I've been been the recipient of God's grace and mercy when I've done absolutely nothing to deserve it.

So here goes...

I am that obnoxious person that starts blasting "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" on November 1st. There's something about the magic of Christmas that I just can't get enough of. It's that time of year when the whole family does absolutely nothing but be together. When Kelly and I get all bundled up and spend hours playing in the snow. When everyone is fully aware of God's unconditional love in their lives. Christmas is like crack to me.

I remain completely indecisive and clueless about putting together this wedding, but I know one thing: I have my wedding shoes! I ordered them about two weeks ago and they finally came! Trying them on helped to reignite my excitement about our nuptials and feel like I've done something to begin preparations.

I had the most hilarious conversation last night with a friend in Ohio. It was much needed as I've missed her, and Wilmington in general, tremendously. I have this weird complex where I still view myself as an outsider within my Ohio group of friends so to be missed is an awesome feeling. I can't frickin' wait to go back for Turkey Day!

I had a conversation with my Mommy the other day about Chuck and my relationship. It so helped to put things in perspective for me. I told her that if God forbid, things were to ever end between us, I honestly believe that there's no chance I'd ever be able to find someone who loves me as much and treats me as well as he does. He is patient. He is understanding. He is, without a doubt, my biggest blessing.


  1. I'm glad you're able to count your blessings amidst the craziness of life in general :)

    Good luck on the wedding preparations! Sounds to me like you've found your prince charming, and that's how it's supposed to be!

    Following you back from the blog Do Sweat the Small Stuff :)

  2. Kaity, thanks so much for visiting and following the See Beautiful blog! We LOVE it when we connect with others who inspire people to see more beautiful in their lives. That's clearly what you're doing here too. We're your newest follower!

    Happy seeing beautiful!