Being a Long Distance Lover

Current state: Frustrated. Deprived. Lonely. Exhausted.

I believe in using my blog for the sake of thinking about the positives and sharing my joys with those who may be just bored enough to read it. Just kidding! Today though, I'm being cranky for a cause. Consider this my plea to my fellow bloggers: How did/do you handle long distance?!

I've been dating my love for almost a year. Six of those months we've been separated. That's over half of our relationship. Until now, I'd say I've handled it rather well. I'm a very independent person and I can handle living by myself, being in a new city with no acquaintances. As Month 6 shows it's ugly face, however, it's admittedly taking it's toll. I want my fiance to live in the same city. I want to share the same bed. I want to have a face-to-face conversation. I know that 6 months isn't that long, and we do talk on a daily basis. My hubby's life is not in peril. I know I have it good in comparison to many wifeys out there. But the truth is...I'm exhausted.
I just want my love!

My intention in writing this wasn't to whine (well, maybe a little), but honestly, I'm begging for any advice.

If you've dealt with a long-distance relationship, how did you cope?

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  1. I can relate more than I can possibly express in words. I am only at the one month mark. 4,000 miles distance is no fun AT ALL. I share in your pain. Since you guys are still in the US, hopefully it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to call, text, skype, etc. but I think snail mail is also a really good addition/supplement to the tech savvy ways to stay in touch. Not only does it mean you will be extra excited to get the mail everyday, but also there is something more personal about written letters as compared to emails and the like. I like to do stupid little drawings in letters I send. Also, Pat and I are taking pictures every once in awhile. I try to do one once a day, but due to battery limitations I know he doesn't. This way, we can exchange these daily photos and it was allllllmost kinda be like you saw the other person everyday or close to everyday. Eh, we haven't exchanged yet, but I'll let ya know how it goes lol. Also, making a countdown until you'll see them is always great. And sending packages with little trinkets or any random thing you may have seen while shopping that you thought your boo would like is a fun way to go too.

    i think all of that stuff was probably obvious and thus maybe not helpful. I should probably be coming to you for advice haha. but good luck girly! the fact of the matter is, our men are worth it :) so the wait is a necessary evil. lol