Baby 2.0's SURPRISE Baby Shower!

As I mentioned previously, because Baby 2.0 is a boy, I wasn't expecting much in the way of presents, least of all a shower. Second babies apparently just aren't as exciting, and especially if they're the same gender as their elder sibling! Not that we needed much, or that I even necessarily wanted a shower (hello, social anxiety), but the thought that this baby wasn't going to be as loved, appreciated, or showered as Charlie was did make me a little sad.

Fortunately, my party planning extraordinaire of a Mama had my back! My sister who has been living with us for the last few weeks to help with watching Charlie was leaving to travel up to Upstate New York for a job interview which left us sitter-less. My Mom offered to come down and watch him for a few days so we didn't have to scramble to find childcare and in that week, she somehow planned an entire shower to surprise us with for the weekend she was going to be here.

While I was at work, thinking that Charlie and his Grandma were going shopping and playing around the house, unbeknownst to me, my Mom was busy preparing and cooking enough food for an army. When Saturday rolled around, I conveniently had to work in the morning and returned home around 1pm. Charlie was still napping when I got back so I laid down hoping that I could catch a quick cat nap before he awoke. We both got up around 2:00pm and I asked my Mom if she would be willing to watch Charlie for a few hours that afternoon because Chuck and I were long overdue for a date. She agreed and Chuck and I were going to catch a late lunch. As he got ready, I grew more and more irritable because I hadn't eaten since 8:00am and I swore he was taking his sweet time putting clothes on.

We finally got in the car and he said he was going to surprise me with the destination (I honestly didn't care where we went as long as I got something to eat!). As he took back roads and meandered his way to our surprise destination, I was growing more and more annoyed, and more and more suspicious. We finally began approaching our friend Jon's farm (the same farm where we got married) and I saw a ton of cars parked behind the house. I knew immediately what was going on and was so ticked at my Mom and Chuck for not suggesting that I change out of my grungy cami and workout capris! Seriously, you guys couldn't have recommended that I wear something nicer than exercise clothes to a lunch date?! Haha

Charlie loves himself some good fruit salad!
Although I did have a little bit of anxiety at the onset (I am terrible at being the center of attention), the fact that so many of my loved ones were present and accounted for on such short notice left me teary-eyed. I was so concerned that no one was as excited about baby 2.0's arrival and they all completely proved me wrong.

I caught up with friends and family, munched on my Mama's delicious cooking (she makes the best potato salad around!) and opened presents with my Hubby. It was such a wonderful, love-filled day and I was so thankful for the friends and family that threw together such a blessed event to celebrate Baby 2.0's arrival.

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