Blogger Love v.13

It's been a really long time since I've shared some blogger love, but there has been such serious goodness in my corner of the interwebs, that I just have to share some of the posts I've been loving on lately:


Of Friendship, Rock n' Roll, and Writing Things I Never Thought I Would Write by Seems Legit | JD is a former co-worker of Chuck's from when he worked at the World Vision warehouse in Pittsburgh. He is so much of what I wish Christians were, and you guys, he's STARTING A CHURCH. I am so excited to see how his BelovedTribe takes shape.

A Realized Obligation by the florkens | Kate's post was a much-needed dose of perspective for me on what it means to be a Mama in this country. So much goodness is wrapped up in her words.


On Mirages and Mama-Hood by mr. thomas and me | I have such a blogger crush on Amber, it's unreal. Her words are so poetic, and beautiful and this post is filled with such vulnerability and honesty, it just blew me away. 

Dear Mama Whose Heart is Twisted about Having Your Second Baby by Whimsical September | Seriously, Erica might as well have been writing directly to me during this season of my life. Her words were such a support an encouragement to me that I actually got a little teary reading this.

A Day in the Working Mama Life by Carolina Charm | I shouldn't find "Day in the Life" posts as interesting as I do, but alas, I'm nosy. I've been torn up about sending my kiddos to daycare once I return from maternity leave in November, so Christina's post was so encouraging to me.

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What bloggers have you been loving on lately?

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