30 WEEKS | Obligatory Baby #2 Check-In

In the 15ish total months that I have been pregnant in my life and maintained a blog, not once have I filled out one of those bumpdate/"this week baby is the size of a..." questionnaires. It feels like I'm missing out on some kind of Mommy Blogger rite of passage, so without further ado, here is my first and last Baby 2.0 bumpdate:

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: A platypus, a cucumber, or large tub of ice cream (depending on which of my apps you consult)

GENDER: Bouncing baby boy!

THOUGHTS/FEELINGS: A little bit sad that my sweet Charlie won't get as much attention and trying to mentally prepare myself for another natural birth (if all goes according to plan). 

FOOD AVERSIONS: This was much worse during my first trimester, but has petered off. I'm still a little turned off by poultry for some reason, though.

FOOD CRAVINGS: My food preferences are so out of whack with what I usually eat. I am not exactly a meat-and-potatoes kind of girl, but my ideal meal this entire pregnancy has been a big juicy, steak with mashed potatoes and veggies. I guess this baby wants some protein!

HEALTH/FITNESS: I would love to tell you that I've kept up with some sort of consistent workout routine, but I'd be lying. I like to think that chasing after a sprinting 18-month old is workout enough.

MIDWIFE APPOINTMENTS: My last appointment was at 28 weeks and it was pretty uneventful (which is always a good thing when you're growing a human!) From this point forward, I start going every two weeks. Aah!

WEIGHT GAIN: Based on my weight at my 28-week appointment I'm up about 13 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight and my OB/GYN said I'm measuring right on track.

SYMPTOMS: My heartburn has gotten worse, but other than that, I'm feeling pretty okay for the most part. I think nesting is starting to set in because all of a sudden I've had this intense motivation to decorate ALL THE THINGS in our house.

SLEEP: Up until last week, I was sleeping through the night. But pregnancy insomnia strikes again! I wake up any time between 12-1:30 am and usually don't go back to sleep until close to 4:00 am. Thankfully, I have the Kindle app on my phone to distract me so I'm not just laying in bed restless.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Being pregnant in the summertime is seriously a whole other monster. When I was pregnant with Charlie I lived in leggings. This time around, give me all of the sports bras and Soffe shorts! I bought myself some Old Navy maternity tanks a few months ago that have been invaluable and I'm trying to stretch my existing wardrobe so as not to buy a bunch of maternity things that I'll never wear again.

BABY ITEMS PURCHASED: Honestly, there is very little that we need for Baby Boy #2. I suppose I should probably start stocking up on diapers and eventually we will need to buy a carseat and figure out how to transition both boys into one room, but for now, we have all we need. Of course, that didn't stop me from buying Baby #2 NB onesies to match an outfit I got for Charlie the other day at Carter's. I will totally be that Mom who dresses her kids in matching clothes. No shame in my game!

DADDY SAYS: He's excited for our two boys, and also excited to never have to go through his wife being pregnant again. Haha!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Our baby boy! I know that so many women have more difficult pregnancies than I've had, and so many women would give anything to get pregnant as easily as I have and I really do try to be mindful of that. But I am just not someone who enjoys being pregnant. I'm uncomfortable all of the time and really see pregnancy as a means to an end- the end being our beautiful little family of four. So yeah, I guess you could say I'm ready for this baby to be fully cooked and join his family!

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