36 Weeks

Baby Pep,

"Sweatpants are all that fit me right now."
It's Thanksgiving week and I'm feeling thankful! Thankful that I've had a pretty easy road growing you in my belly. Thankful that we're going to be meeting you soon. Thankful for your Daddy who is catering to my every beck and call at this point, because Mama is starting to get a tad uncomfortable. And by tad, I of course mean- PLEASE COME OUT SOON!

As of Saturday, I'll be full-term and although I'm sure my supervisor would appreciate if you waited until after my temp starts, I'm ready to meet you as soon as possible! I read that your mother's labor might help predict how your labor will go. Your Grandma told me that I showed up 7 days late, while your Aunt Kelly was 10 days early. Fingers crossed you take after your auntie!

Your Daddy and I are going crazy playing the waiting game, so anything we can do to feel like we're taking action toward your arrival seems to placate this nagging feeling just a bit. Whether it's organizing your nursery, bouncing on my yoga ball while listening to my labor playlist, or perineal massage (trust me, don't Google that), we'll do whatever it takes!

Looking forward to some downtime this weekend to relax, decorate for the holidays and finalize your nursery- hurry up, baby. We're ready for you!


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