By the Numbers: Stuckert Family Christmas

50. The amount of dollars Chuck and I are allowed to spend on each other.

24. The amount of dollars I will go over-budget when shopping for my Hubby.

40. The amount of times I will watch Elf.

Circa 2011.
6. The amount of times I will watch Elf in its entirety without taking an unintentional nap on the couch.

5. The amount of newborn-sized Christmas jammies that I will fold.

75. The amount of times I will wish and pray that Baby Pep is born before December 25 so he can wear his Christmas jammies.

Circa 2012.
4. The amount of wrapping paper tubes I will go through. I love wrapping presents!

2. The number of dozen cookies that I will make.

8. The number of dozen cookies that I will eat.

Circa 2013.

7. The number of days my Mom and sister will stay with us to help me take care of Baby Pep.

18. The number of days until their ETA.

25. The number of days left until Christmasssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> > >
What are your holiday numbers?

1 comment:

  1. Love it!!
    I have to admit to maaaaybe putting my newborns in Christmas jammies at non-Christmas parts of the year because, dude, they go through jammies at a shocking rate and sometimes you run out of clean ones by eleven in the morning!
    SO glad you get a week of help when baby gets there!