The Post Where I DON'T Talk About My Wedding

It's 1 AM and I cannot sleep. 

I also can't keep my mind off of wedding stuff. 

I also hate that I'm becoming the girl who has nothing to talk about but my wedding.


I am making this the post where I DON'T talk about my wedding. 

Damnit, I totally already failed.

Anyway, here goes...

I have officially been unemployed for about a week and a half. Aside from the fact that I am getting stuff done for The-Event-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named and I'm actually keeping up with housekeeping for the first time ever, unemployment is not my style. I've seriously watched about three entire seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And let me say, this show is awful. Reality TV is my guiltiest pleasure, but I hate that I have spent the last two days contributing to the undue fame of these atrocious people.


The silver lining is...only one week left of lazy days because I start my new job on July 2nd! There's a small part of me that's a little nervous because of this absurd fear I have of my future co-workers thinking I am completely incompetent. Mostly, however, I'm just excited. This job is going to be my stepping stone job. The job that is actually related to what I got my undergraduate degree in and what will coincide perfectly with the graduate degree I'm working to attain. I feel like in the span of just a couple months I've kicked started my adult life. As daunting as that seems, there's something very comforting about the sense of security that accompanies being a grown-up...ish.


Of course, with the new job comes a heck of a commute. Over an hour, actually. So Chuck and I have made the decision to move. Although Chuck has grown to love aspects of Pittsburgh, I confess that city-living is just not for me. I feel overwhelmed by the fast pace of cities. I like to slow down, be present, and absorb the serenity of the country. It's where I'm most at peace. The idea of living in a much smaller town within a short drive of the city sits very well with my soul. Now we cross our fingers and wait for our landlord to tell us we can extend our lease a couple months so we can concentrate on The-Event-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named and save up some money and we'll be on the hunt for a new home!


These are the countless things (along with being BROKE) that have been taken up space in the small part of my brain that hasn't  been consumed with The-Event-That-Shall-Not-Be Named. It's nice to know that my brain does function in some other capacity, but it was not easy. So for any of you who may read my blog. I apologize. I never wanted to be that girl, but it appears for the next two months, I will be. All I ask is that you be patient with me, and I promise to return to normal some time in September. 

Until that time, this will be me: 


  1. I don't know how YOU feel...but when I got married I tweeted and FB'd an update on the hour for 2 days before my wedding...counting it down! I drove my friends nuts but I couldn't help it! Who doesn't love weddings???!!! Especially when it's YOURS!

  2. I feel the exact same way about most of the reality shows I watch! And yay for moving to a smaller town! I would LOVE to move to someplace quieter and room-i-er, too.