Growing Things v2

Remember a couple months ago when I posted about starting seeds? Well, I thought since my little tomato babies are thriving so well in our backyard, I'd share an update on their progress.

Disclaimer: Please forgive the obviously overgrown and neglected grass!

Seven tomato plants and a whole lot of marigolds! I accidentally mixed up my tomato plants when I put them in the ground so it will be a complete surprise which kinds we end up with!

Fun fact: Little critters that like to eat your garden like rabbits hate the taste of marigolds. By planting them alongside your veggies, the critters will get a yucky taste and assume all the plants taste icky. This is why there's so many in my bed- I want to make sure they don't munch on my tomatoes!

We also managed to salvage three of those stakes from our very own yard when we cleaned it up a few weekends ago! Our yard also used to be an alley so there are bricks everywhere.

View of our tomato/marigold bed with cucumbers planted along the fence.  The wooden planter is a mix of more marigolds and another kind of flower whose name is totally escaping me right now.

Marigolds, tomatoes and hopefully I'll get a basil plant in there! It keeps slipping my mind, but basil is probably my favorite plant to grow!

Another shot of our porch area including the lights and the little planter off the fire escape. To the right is our shared  wooden table and some seating. Past that is the doorway that leads to our bedroom. I would've taken pictures if I wasn't embarrassed about how messy it is currently with all our garden stuff!

Although my inner country girl misses having a big, grassy yard to play in, I have to say, I'm totally loving our little urban oasis!


  1. It's a wonderful oasis! And marigolds are really the best pest control- I plant them everywhere too!

  2. i had no idea about the marigolds. Something ate most of my cucumber plants and I got so upset because I spent so much time tending to my garden this year. Next time I will try the marigold trick for sure :) Thanks for stopping by the other day. So glad to meet a fellow Pittsburgh blogger.

  3. i sure wish i had a green thumb like you! lovely post and blog! xoxo