Life Lately v.3

I sat down to blog this morning. About baby-lead weaning, about breastfeeding, about decorating our home, or about all the fun summer bucket list trips we've been taking. And nothing, absolutely nothing would come out.

My brain is a mess of anxieties, questions, and just plain weariness. Since it's been TWO YEARS since my last Life Lately update, I figured this blogger cop-out was exactly what the doctor ordered.

ON HAVING THREE JOBS...I have three jobs. Yes, you read that correctly. I work part-time for my previous employer in a seasonal position. I work part-home coordinating my local Farmers' Market. I also started working part-time doing marketing for a local nonprofit. In the midst of juggling these three positions, I am also somehow raising two sweet, beautiful boys. Ask me how I do it, and I'll tell you- I have no freaking clue. *insert laugh crying emoji*

ON ANXIETY...I don't know where it came from or how it started, but I've been having really bad mom-anxiety lately. The kind where I lock and bolt all the doors when Chuck leaves the house because I feel weirdly on edge and like someone could break in at any moment. Or the kind that has me constantly feeling vaguely nauseous at the thought of what would happen to our boys if something every happened to Chuck and me. Or what would happen to us, if God-forbid, something happened to them. I can't even think about it because it makes me ill. And yet, I can't stop thinking about it. Maybe it's stress-induced? Parents- any tips?

ON CROSBY'S 1st BIRTHDAY...Not everything is stress and doom and gloom around here. My sweet baby boy is going to be ONE in less than two months. I've started thinking about what I want to do to celebrate this wonderful milestone. I don't have the venue nailed down yet, but I think I want to do something music-themed to play off his name and his obvious love of music.

ON ADDING TO OUR FAMILY...You may remember a post I wrote several months back about how we're done having kids. Now suddenly that Crosby is out of the terrible newborn/infant stage, I'm not so sure. We don't want to have more anytime soon. We know we want to be more financially stable. And we question whether adding another Stuckert to our brood would really make us any happier, or would it bring more stress to our life? I thought I was good with two, but as some of my friends are growing their families, I feel sad at the thought of never experiencing the excitement of a new baby again.

ON DECORATING ON A $0 BUDGET...I had planned to dedicate an entire post to the subject, but who knows if that will happen. Basically, since quitting my full-time job back in November, I've become obsessed with making our house a home. I've gotten some amazing deals on bedding from Ohio Thrift and Aldi. Yes, I got BRAND NEW sheets and a comforter for our guest room from Ohio Thrift and Aldi and spent less than $25! I've also fallen in love with using paint to transform a room. For a small amount of money, it's amazing how much of an impact a fresh coat of paint can make on a room. I've been buying paint, supplies and home decor using gift cards that I earn from using Swagbucks. If you'd like to sign-up, you can use my referral link and we both get points to put toward free gift cards!

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What's new with you? What is your family doing to celebrate summer?

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