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If I had time or energy, I might write about how this transition from one to two kiddos has been for me. It's a subject that definitely garners its own post, but since I can't trust myself to actually commit to it, I will say this- the transition from 1 to 2, is infinitely easier than from 0 to 1.

I read a couple blogger Moms say that and I honestly didn't believe it. How could that possibly be true? But it has been for me. Now that I've had motherhood under my belt for just about two years, I'm confident in my ability to keep a newborn alive. This in and of itself has made all the difference. Your first baby is so stressful because they seem so fragile and vulnerable, and WHY OH WHY WILL THEY NOT STOP CRYING?! By Baby #2, you realize that these little people are much more durable than you thought and taking care of them isn't as scary as it was the first time around. Not to mention, once Baby #2 comes, you've gotten a handle on the not sleeping thing and having your life completely revolve around another little person. You're really just adding another person to your existing routine, rather than creating a whole new life for yourself.

All this being said, month one with my sweet Crosby Loren has been wonderful. He's an easy-going, little snuggle monster and though it sounds corny to say, he really does complete our family. It feels like we've been waiting for him to come along for ages.

Here's where we're at Month One:

Is flying by! I want to return to work- I want to have an income that will enable us to pay off our debts and give our children opportunities that they wouldn't have if we were living paycheck to paycheck. However, I know it won't be easy when the time comes next month to say goodbye to these days spent with my little ones. Two kiddos is tiring for sure, but so much more enjoyable than I anticipated.

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Crosby is a nursing champ! Dare I say, even better than his brother? I am so fortunate that my experiences breastfeeding my babies has been for the most part, pretty easy. I did have a brief episode of mastitis a couple weeks ago, which I never had with Charlie, but I massaged, heat padded, and breast-pumped that sucker until it let up so I wasn't in pain for too long.

Was not a hoot, but it seemed to be easier this time around than with Charlie. Maybe just because I knew what to expect? Just after two weeks, I felt well enough to start walking the boys around our neighborhood and we've pretty much been at it ever since.

I dropped nearly all my baby weight within the first two weeks, but it seems the last 3-4 pounds are here to stay. I'm excited to get back into running. My Mom bought us a Baby Jogger double stroller, so I really want to put it to use and get back into shape. I realize my body has now made and delivered two humans into the world and will never be the same as it was pre-children and I'm okay with that. For me, the numbers on the scale don't matter much. It's more about feeling and looking comfortable in my skin. Right now, I'm probably the most out of shape I've been in my life, so I'm really itching to tie on my running shoes and hit the trails again.

As for Crosby...

Thank goodness that he is such an easygoing little guy, because his big brother dominates most of my attention. As the second born, he probably spends a lot more time in his swing and less in Mama's arms than Charlie ever did, simply because I'm constantly chasing after my crazy toddler. As I mentioned, he's a great eater, though not yet a great sleeper. We're still waking up about every 2-3 hours to nurse, so I'm hoping that a change is in the wind because I'm a full-blown Mombie (Mom + zombie)!

As of Crosby's 1-month appointment, he's up to 10 lbs, 22 oz and 22 inches. This leaves him in the 50-75th percentile for height and weight. Just to put that in perspective, Charlie was 7 lbs 12 oz at his first appointment. This kid is a CHUNK! He's on track to outweigh his pipsqueak of an older brother any day now! Haha He is already in 3-month clothing and Size 1 diapers. I totally see what all the fuss is about with chunky babies- he is so adorably squishy!

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Crosby Loren, thank you for being our missing puzzle piece. You are the best addition to our family and our love for you grows more and more every single day. We love you, baby boy!

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