Dear Husband (On Your Birthday)

Dear Husband,

I met you when you were twenty-one years old. For all intents and purposes, still a boy. You were finding your place in the world and figuring out who you were and what mattered to you. Our relationship from the get-go was a warm, fuzzy place to land in the middle of life's uncertainties. For the past five plus years I've been by your side and watched you grow. From that uncertain young boy, to a trustworthy, dependable, and selfless man. For every fight, every disappointment, and every tension along the way, getting to see you in this place you've arrived, made every single one worth it.

Like most new parents, I don't think it would be a stretch to say that at times, parenthood has thrown us for a loop. Balancing roles, fighting exhaustion, making time for ourselves, and each other- each one has brought it's own set of challenges. But in the last few months, we've really settled into a groove. We work long hours, we do our best, and we support and appreciate each other always. I think it's important to take stock of this season in our life because in just a short while, we'll become a family of four and all of what we've worked to gain since become Charlie's Mommy and Daddy will be thrown out the window, and we will begin from scratch all over again. When we're overwhelmed, and exhausted, and two-under-two has us questioning our life decisions, I want to remember this season. When we manage to get our shit together, life is really, really good.

Since we found out about Baby 2.0, you have been everything I needed and more. You've been a phenomenal partner and Daddy since day one, but in the last few months of being a full-time baby-maker you have continued to impress me with the lengths you will go to take care of your family. Never once have I feared how I would look over Charlie while being sick, pregnant, and exhausted. You have been there for every mealtime, every bedtime, and every hustled morning drop-off when I needed you. And never once have you complained, dissented, or resented me. I always knew you were meant to be a father, but never could I have imagined how wonderfully that would manifest itself in our life together. You are selfless, trustworthy, and a better husband than I ever could have dreamed for myself.

I know you will inevitably be embarrassed by something that I've written and shared with the world, and you'll call me out and then move on about your day, realizing that there's absolutely nothing you will do about it. Because that's the man you are. You don't sweat the small stuff, and you love me for me, even when I make flawed decisions, even when I take things too far, or when I take things too personally. You are always grounded and level-headed; the calming force in my life. And yet you are always loyal and supportive. I don't thank you enough for that. For allowing me to be my sometimes melodramatic, sometimes high-strung, and my always overemotional self and loving me unconditionally, regardless.

You are a good man. A great father. And an amazing husband.

Your life is a gift to everyone you come into contact with, but I just so happen to be the luckiest of them all. I am so thankful you were born on this day and that the stars aligned, our paths crossed, and somehow, I get to be the one to spend the rest of my days alongside of you.

Happy Birthday, my love. Thank you for everything that you are.

Your Bee

P.S. Because music is our love language, I made you a birthday playlist. Most songs are sappy, most songs have some memory attached to them, one is just to make you laugh, but all of them remind me of you in some way or the other. I hope you find joy in every single one.

P.S.S. Congratulations on becoming a Boy Daddy times two ;)

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