Baby #2 is a...


Yeah, we don't actually know yet and the anticipation is killing us. We go in this morning for our 20-week ultrasound, and then, we wait. Chuck is not excited about this plan. However, when I realized that our ultrasound was going to be within 4 days of my sweet hubby's birthday, I obviously had to plan something. So against his wishes and because he loves me, my husband is going to wait a week to find out the gender of his second born so that I can do some kind of cute, Pinterest-worthy birthday cake reveal.

In the meantime, who has guesses?!

The old wives' tales say...

Carrying high or low?... High? GIRL
Baby's heartbeat? Last appointment was 150. GIRL
Craving? Sweet! GIRL
Chinese birth chart? BOY
Skin? Terrible! (Probably because of all the sweets!) GIRL
First trimester? Sick, sick, sick! GIRL

I'm fairly certain that every one of our family members thinks we're having a girl, and we've been leaning that way, as well. But I was dead-wrong about Charlie's gender, so I honestly have no idea!

Can't stinking wait to find out though- stay tuned next week for the exciting conclusion!

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