On Birthdays and Besties

It's not often I find myself with the time or mental capacity to publish a post these days, but the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of birthdays, babies and best friends, that I can't bring myself to let them slip by without documentation. The last month has seen my husband's 26th birthday, Charlie's 4-month birthday, my 27th birthday, a visit from my college best friends, a visit from my high school bestie, and my first Mother's Day. We've been occupied to say the least!

First up was Daddy's birthday. We honestly didn't do much for Chuck's actual birthday and both agreed that we would postpone the celebrating until the weekend because I had to work late. I managed to score some free tickets from work to see the Ohio State Spring Football game. Which was an awesome birthday plan in theory. In actuality, we got to the game, spent $23 on crappy pizza and 2 bottles of water and then learned that all the seats were filled so we turned around and went home.

Not the most ideal first trip for my husband to the Buckeye's stadium. Alas, I'm sure there will be other opportunities. Since we're still recovering from my 3ish months spend on unpaid maternity leave, presents were cheap and simple this year. I surprised Chuck with a fun, "Guess which beer" game and I received a bouquet of my favorite flowers and chocolate a week later.

Since Charlie and I shared a milestone this year, I had so much fun just snuggling and hanging out with my boys all day. We went out for a birthday brunch and then came home and cleaned all day. Which I realize doesn't sound like much fun, but clean house = clear mind, so I was more than happy with how the day unfolded.

The following weekend, my two college besties came to visit and meet Charlie for the first time! The last time I saw them was Halloween weekend/Charlie's baby shower so I had the best time introducing them to the new man in my life. Bekah arrived before my friend, Laura, so we spent an afternoon at Findlay Market in Cincinnati and then drove up to Columbus to pick Laura up from the airport. We spent the following day walking around my town, had my first Girls' Night since Charlie was born at a super yummy Middle Eastern place called Aladdin's and then followed it up on Sunday with a trip to Melt in Columbus, before Laura had to return home. Three-day weekends with these girls are just not enough, so we're already planning how we can arrange our next visit! 

This past weekend was another one for the books. My best friend from high school and I have been trying to plan a visit for ages. With her husband deployed, and an unexpected month-long break from grad school, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for her to come up. She texted me about two weeks ago asking when I was free and I responded, "Umm..can you come next weekend?" And she did, she did! My weekend with my college besties was activity-filled to say the least, so I was so thankful that Whitney was more than happy to look past my sink full of dirty dishes and unfolded laundry and just spend time watching bad movies and Friends reruns with me all weekend long. Such a reminder that despite the fact that we are (thankfully) much different people than we were in high school, we are absolutely best friends for a reason.

My weekend with Whitney wrapped up with an afternoon BBQ at my in-laws' for Mother's Day.

Fun fact: The youngest members of my husband's family are Linus, Charlie and Lucie. No, it was not planned, but that doesn't stop us from affectionately referring to them as the Peanuts gang. I was so excited to get a picture of the Peanuts and their respective Mommies. Even if the babies were uncooperative, the Mommies looked great!

Chuck said something to me a couple weeks ago that really stuck with me. He divulged that he counted me lucky to have friends that would travel all the way to middle-of-nowhere Ohio to come see me and admitted that he didn't have any friends that would do the same. I thought about it, and he was right. I really do have the best friends, and although it breaks my heart that we're separated by several states, I love that we have the kind of relationship where we can pick right up where we last left off. 

Moral of the story? I am one blessed lady.


  1. It all looks like such full, happy times! LOVE the peanut's gang!

  2. Hehehehehe I love that Chuck got you the chocolate cover pomograntes