Pregnancy Truths: Round 3

At 38 weeks, the end is in sight and though the first 8 months of my pregnancy were incredibly good to me, shit is getting real, y'all. 

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Pregnancy Truth #1:
Your nipples will become unrecognizable.
Guys, this is not an exaggeration. I read that your nipples become darker to help the baby locate the breast while nursing, but I was totally unprepared for what can only be described as Godzilla nips. Seriously, they are 3 times their normal size. It's not cute.

Pregnancy Truth #2:
You might will pee your pants.
Once the baby starts running out of real estate, your stomach, lungs and bladder will all start getting squished. This means that you will have the appetite of a mouse, walking across a room will leave you winded and oh yeah, sneezing and laughing will become very risky behaviors. There have been numerous occasions when Chuck and I have been goofing off only for me to let out a huge burst of laughter followed by a mad dash to the bathroom.

Pregnancy Truth #3:
You probably won't be sleeping.
I've somehow been fortunate enough to not be among the ranks of pregant ladies who get up every hour to go pee. That being said, insomnia has not alluded me. Between heartburn, backaches and the complete inability to turn off the constant baby to-do list in my brain, sleep hasn't been great.

Pregnancy Truth #4:
You might fall even more in love with your partner.
Chuck and I both remarked how uncharacteristically affectionate and clingy I've been lately (in a good way, of course). I'm not a super physical person, by any means, but Chuck has been so great to me as of late that I can't help but shower him in kisses! He continues to go beyond the call of duty and would drop everything for me if I asked him to. He is such a wonderful husband and is going to be a fantastic father. I can't help, but fall deeper in love with him each day :)

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What are your pregnancy truths?


  1. As someone who has yet to experience pregnancy I have found your posts about it so refreshingly honest its great! I love your last point the best though - you and Chuck are just the cutest!

  2. I've been loving these posts because I'm getting ready to start TTC and love hearing the truths behind pregnancy. Can't believe you're almost there!

  3. Awww, I love that picture of you two!

  4. This is HILARIOUS. Especially the first one. Thanks for sharing these need-to-be-discussed truths about pregnancy. Such a wonder how the body changes and prepares for this!!!