38 Weeks

Baby Pep,

Last week your Mom got the news that her test results came back positive for Group B strep. I know that there are far worse scenarios we could be facing as we rapidly approach your birthday, but it was still unsettling news to say the least. At our 38-week appointment on Monday, I received a little reassurance. Although your Mom will have to get an IV (Boo!), as long as I get my medicine, you should be safe! Mommy's midwife also filled her in that we haven't made any progress since my last appointment. To which I say, "DROP, BABY! DROP!"

I'm still 1cm dilated and my cervix is apparently miles away. Although I've had some not-so-fun days, physically I'm still feeling really good. The last week or so have made me so crazy thankful for my employer. I have such a kind and understanding team working alongside me and I feel so happy and fulfilled doing my job that there's a small part of me that feels sad that next week will be my last time working there for awhile. (I told your Daddy to record me saying that so I can't play it over to myself when I have to go back after my maternity leave is up).

I hope one day you find what you're truly passionate about, Pep. It is the hugest blessing in the world to love what you do. I can't wait to be the one to support and encourage you as you embark on your journey to find out.

Although, both Daddy and I are feeling anxious and impatient, you come when you're ready, Pep. We'll be ready to catch you in our loving arms whenever you decide it's time.

All my love,


  1. You are so close!! I'm glad you love your job...it definitely makes going back easier!!

  2. Ooh, that baby is high up there! Get down, child! :)

  3. love the picture with the tree!! so cute!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. Oh my goodness, you are CUTE!!! AND ABOUT TO HAVE A BABY!!! So exciting!