Catching Up: 15/16 Weeks

Written July 3, 2014

Baby Pep,

There's a lot happening this week! On Monday, I went to my second midwife appointment. I wound up switching offices because I didn't like the vibe at the first one I went to, plus, although it was closer to work, it was over an hour away from home. I didn't like the idea of going into labor in the dead of winter and having to drive over an hour to bring you into the world! Suffice it to say, that I'm so glad I made the switch! I felt so comfortable with the midwife I met with and she let me hear your healthy little heartbeat again. The only thing that's strange at this point has been my weight fluctuation. My pre-pregnancy weight was around 134, at my 9-week appointment I had ballooned up to 142 and then at 15 weeks I was down to 128. How in the course of 6 weeks did I manage to lose 14 lbs and not notice?! She assured me that as long as I was eating healthfully, that I had nothing to worry about.

I've also really been looking forward to showing you off on the beach next week. It's vacation time and your Daddy and I are headed to Cape May for a week of sun and fun with our family and friends! There's only one problem- you're still not showing yet! I was hoping I would look pregnant by now, but nope, just my regular ol' extra baby fat. I'm giving you a week, little one- please make yourself known so I feel slightly better about donning my pre-pregnancy bikinis!

Getting excited for you, little Pep. Until next week...


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