Becoming a Mommy Blogger

I'm sorry guys, really, I am. I know my blog has been 99.9% fetus-related lately, but I promise it won't be this way forever...once I catch up on all my past "bumpdates," that is. I have a feeling this blogging journey is about to get interesting with baby on the way. I'm about to become a Mommy blogger due to the simple fact that I'm about to become a Mommy. This blog has never been topic-focused. I'm certainly not very fashionable, crafty or culinarily-inclined. It has simply been a reflection of my journey. And as I prepare to take this terrifying leap into the unknown, it's inevitable that my blog will reflect that just as it's reflected my study abroad travels, my employment ventures and my love life.

That being said, I also don't want to become the person who in the process of becoming Mom, manages to lose herself completely. I feel like it's a major commonality in a lot of the blogs I've followed that once a woman gives birth she becomes a parent and her former roles as a wife, student, employee, sister, friend, etc. cease to exist. I am someone who is fiercely independent, passionate and ambitious and I hope my life (and my blog) continues to reflect that post-delivery.

There will be baby pictures aplenty and at least a thousand pleas to the sage wisdom of the ladies who have gone before me and conquered this seemingly impossible task, but I still want to be me.

I hope you stick with me as I become a Mommy blogger. I promise to try not to be too obnoxious :)


  1. Don't worry about it. Your blog is going to be a reflection of your focus at the time, and right now it's totally natural for your blog to become baby related, you're having a baby! I was worried about mine at first too, but my stats actually show people like my pregnancy updates more than they liked my regular posts lol

  2. Pssht, labels! You're awesome (and not at all obnoxious) no matter what you're writing about!

  3. Awh yay I can't wait to see your baby and follow along :)

  4. So excited to follow along with your journey into mommyhood!

  5. I've been feeling the same way, but it's your blog and it should reflect your life! :) I'm personally excited to find other mommy to be bloggers! :)